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The Greater Pain (2)

“Amen and Amen” chorused the Maitama family as they gathered to pray for the safety of their beloved James. A family of six with the eldest being Moses who incidentally is the Managing director of MIRAX. After the prayers Mrs Maitama took Moses outside [...]

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Palm Sunday

The morning seeped in slowly through the curtains of the sky, it was one of those mornings that made liars out of clocks, you could check them for all you cared but the sky made them so.

On the road was a mangled rat, [...]


The Hunt, The Hunted

“Edet hurry up” came the shout, I poked my head out the window to see who was calling me.

“My friend, be fast or else we’ll leave you behind,” the impatient voice continued.

“I’m coming” I shouted to Bimbo, fourteen years old and the [...]

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Mourn de' Man.

Scriptures of street dreams flood the ether
Innocent of how the world schemes, the Child entered
The reality, a smoke filled weightlessness
Flicking the butt, I watched the Man fall with it in helplessness
It was never part of the [...]

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He took him to her

and he held her hand

He could feel the wedding ring

in the pocket of his transparent agbada,

fought conscience and took her in

“Pay her in person,” whispers the pimp,

after his own large share.

The night [...]



Walking like I would stumble any minute

Yet I find that I could go on till eternity

Where is the source? The strength?

Who gave the order?

Telling me to go this far?

Assuring me that I could make it?

Was it my heart, [...]


Lonely Heart

Titilayo splashed an egg on herself. She then went to the bathroom and recited the incantation the babalawo had given her to repeat, whilst the egg dried on her naked body. She didn’t speak to anyone that day. If the magic was [...]

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Growing Pains (Spasms)

“Just look what you’ve done, ‘Demola. This was supposed to be a simple stop over, so why have they detained me overnight?”

Moyore’s voice was a low drawl, her calm expression utterly uncharacteristic of her reputation as a firebrand. She sighed, crossed and then [...]

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Agbada Blues

Give words to these birds that my deeds do spread…
Misery mourns for those heads held against this bet; Death is deaf…
or maybe tilted to the left
Life is a debt only paid with death
But I will not [...]

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The Secret of stars

Once upon a time, in the hidden realm of immortals, there was a spirit called Layif. He was fair and handsome in ways unknown to words, there was no being to be found who did not look to him with admiration and respect. Layif [...]

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The Horror, the horror.

After it happened, I think my spirit vacated my body. I could not move, I could not scream, I couldn’t even cry. I remained rooted to the spot, not believing that this had just happened to me. ME. I was good, kind and decent. [...]

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Okro's Spark Part 03

Lagos, Nigeria
Dis work come be like say e go simple die, thought Pinto. His mind was already circling in on what he would do with his share of the goodies that was most definitely coming his way after [...]

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Her Plea

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They would argue and shout at each other almost everyday. It got violent the day Dad slapped Mum. She screamed and held onto his shirt daring him to beat the living daylights out of her.

I ran in between them and begged them to [...]

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Wish you were mine

Each time you turned and stared

Each time your face lit up with a smile

The radiant glow of your countenance

The elegance of your steps

Each time you did a dance

Your twirling and turning

Your warm chuckles and ringing laughter

Each time [...]

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