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ERRANT COURSE - a juvenile crime series

It started to rain. There had been no such warnings- dark clouds, turbulence in the air or whatsoever, but it seemed not unusual for it was the time of the year. The neighbourhood was clear and the [...]



Deep down my heart

Stands a dagger,

Bright in the dark,

Dripping danger….

From the huge glinting dagger,

Blood droplets drop apart,
Continue reading DEEP DOWN MY HEART


These our hands, five fingers
Two palms, twin bringers
The creation of God from earth
Earth? So they are mere dirt?
Earth perish at the hands of earth
This I ponder sitting at my hearth
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sunset obscured by rain clouds
moon and stars conceal’d by same
frogs and crickets make a symphony
TV and laughter cause a cacophony
Continue reading Solitude

Is there any hope?

I do not aim to write a poem or an article write in any sort of order. My aim is to pour out my heart just so maybe I will get an answer or just maybe Nigerians will arise from our slumber.

I walk on the streets of Lagos, from Surulere to Ikoyi,

I look into the eyes of the everyday Nigerian.

What I see gives me a mixture of feelings.

First I see resilience, I see determination.

Determination to make it in life inspite of the odds
Continue reading Is there any hope?

In Praise Of Her.


Long looks and sighs

Are all I ever give her

My heart beats, my breath is caught

In praise of her
Continue reading In Praise Of Her.


A while ago I posted a piece here titled ‘the BREAKING’, well, this is a rejoinder to that. Please read and leave your comments afterward.

When Brian came back home from school and found Cindy sprawled up in bed, in her room [...]


We've Been Busy...

As you know, it’s our aim here on Naija Stories to provide a rich, enjoyable experience where you can communicate easily and effectively with others who share your passion for reading and writing. To this end, we’ve been doing some work over the weekend, and we’ve made the following changes: [1] Site Activities are now more prominent. If you look on the left navigation bar on the home page, you will see that there is a new ‘Site Activity’ section which lets you easily see what is going on in other areas of the site. [2] Chatting is now enabled on the site. If you look on the bar at the top of the page, you should see a Chat menu. If you click on this, it will take you to your chat page. [...]

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The Day She Touched

There was nothing unusual about that Saturday. The birds sang harmoniously in the branches of the mango trees, the way they always did; junior girls with torn sandals and slippers gathered around the shoemaker who came to campus once a week; girls gossiped while [...]

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Online Dating Sef!

I had never thought much about online dating until 2 weeks ago here o! When I went to London to see a couple of friends. I had closed from work and decided “ah! Lemme get away from this town jare and seek fun elsewhere. [...]

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Political Discussions

The elegantly dressed alhaji was striding down the corridor of the National Assembly Complex when he heard someone shout out his name.
“Alhaji Bukar! Long time no see. How now?”

He turned round and saw that it was his good friend and party [...]

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NOLLYWOOD - A good 2010; A better 2011…

It has really been a great year for the Nigerian movie industry. Great year because a couple of really good movies surfaced… somehow. There was Ije and Figurine and Anchor Baby. Of course there was Guilty Pleasures, which by the way I don’t put [...]

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Before you start writing your novel, do you outline? How do you work in your characterization, especially for the main characters? This worksheet was developed by Jody Hedlund, an author herself, to help novelists visualize and realize the protagonists, in order to have, not only a well rounded MC but also a consistent one. [...]




“Is that Mr. Eton?”

“Who am I speaking with, please?

“Lawal, from the Nkpani police department.”

“Okay, hold on let me go get him.” There was a crackling sound, and a moment later, Eton’s gruff voice sounded, “Hello, Lawal,”

“Ya, good [...]

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The love of the masquerader (10)


The second market day celebration was already in full swing.  The kingly sun blessed everyone with its rays at the village square.  In the midst of the festivity, Ishai noticed that Ogha was sleeping with an open mouth.  It [...]

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