Inspired by the females from the lineage of Zeus. Then a couple of NS ladies. Then Asa, Nneka, Kate Winslet, Nse, Uju, Chigozie... Then the girls I've had crushes on. And most importantly, the ones I've had more than crushes on. The ones I'd kissed their feet. Then some other ladies too.

I Never Flirt With A Celebrity I had just arrived Abuja and was so tired and just wanted to sleep. I decide to check my inbox one last time. One [...]


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Apr 012011

I consider myself a feminist and have always supported women looking good even as wives. So that means I support dresses that are a little ‘mini’ and a little makeup. [...]

Mar 062011

My dad told me about a day he and a few friends had an accident while driving. He was in Germany then. He said when he regained consciousness; he noticed people gathered around them. The first question someone asks him is if he wants to smoke. From where I come from, that would be like asking someone in that condition if he or she wants to have sex.


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Feb 122011

Maybe, Love is an illusion Maybe, a play Where we must all play our parts Maybe, Love is a myth Maybe, a religion Which we must all blindly follow Download [...]

Feb 092011

Up in the Air is a 2009 movie starring George Clooney. The movie follows Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) who goes around the world firing people. I didn’t really know that [...]

The Plan

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Feb 092011

The Plan - FULL PDF FADE IN: INT. HOSPITAL WARD - DAY EMMA, 30s, lies on a the bed sleeping. His head and right hand bandaged. EMMA (V.O.) I didn’t [...]

Feb 022011

Bible, hymn book, Holy Communion booklet and I was set for Christmas service. I hadn’t been to church for a couple of Sundays now but there was no way I [...]

It has really been a great year for the Nigerian movie industry. Great year because a couple of really good movies surfaced… somehow. There was Ije and Figurine and Anchor [...]

Dec 262010

‘Hey’, he heard that voice again and turned. There she was. The only word worthy enough to describe her was perfect.

‘You came’, he replied nervously.

‘I said I was coming, didn’t I?’, she said and melted him with that same smile. Why does ‘same’ even come into the smile, he wondered..

Nov 152010

Every day we sleep and dream. Sometimes we dream dreams we never wish to wake up from. (long pause) The truth is simple… we need to wake up from sleep… and face life. Life could turn out a wonderful dream too. We just have to take our chances.

(She is enthralled and enraptured at the sight of the rainbow lights. Paul, a young man close to his prime, enters from backstage unnoticed and watches her with amusement. As soon she turns and notices him, he becomes expressionless.)

Oct 312010

ADANNA and JENNY are putting final make-up touches on their faces. Both girls are in their early twenties. Both are dressed-to-kill and pretty too. They both chat happily as they make up. Adanna finishes her making up first. She gets up and goes inside. After a while, she comes out ready to go.

Sep 282010

EXT. meNTAL HOME PREMISES - DAY Paul is packing his things into a car. The Driver helps him. After packing his things into the car, he walks to where the [...]

The Novel 7

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Sep 202010

UK EXT. MENTAL HOME PREMISES - DAY Diana and Paul are seated talking. Diana is briefing Diana about her visit to Charley. Paul is listening attentively. MONTHS LATER: INT. MENTAL [...]

The Novel 6

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Sep 182010

Charley is dressing up. He is looking a little moody. Tony enters after a while and goes over to Charley. Tony is sweating and panting. Charley is surprised to see him.

The Novel 5

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Sep 132010


Helen enters the class. Tony is sitting with Esther. Helen looks around for Charley. Charley is writing. Helen goes over to Charley.








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