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A Different World!

“You are doing absolutely great. We’ll be here in a month’s time waiting for you.” I smiled and looked at my husband.

“Ready for the ride again honey?” I asked. He smiled his response and turned to engage the Doctor in a conversation. I [...]

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My husband died in his sleep but my in laws said I killed him. How could I have killed my husband? After all, my uncle had married me off to such an old man because he could not repay the debt he owed. I [...]

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Entering the walls of Ronik Comprehensive School, what greets you is its quiet and unruffled environment. You can hear the silence. It welcomes you as you make your way through the walkways and hallways. Classes are in session, but you can’t really tell unless you came close enough to the classroom blocks. Only then would you witness the quality of education we received within those walls. [...]


Aaaww! Remembering the Chemical Engineering Boys

While someone questioned the woman’s *‘para-ing’, another could not just understand why the woman could be so ‘paranoid’. But, who knows the kind of skimpy stuff or cleavage-announcing top the colleague-from-the office’s attire could have been wearing? [...]

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I am afraid Afraid of my shadow Afraid of my fears The nightmares they give me - [...]


A Woman's Ode to Loss

You have come again I know there’s going to be pain Have you come to please Or to tease? - [...]

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An Intercourse of Death

An intercourse of death calls and a missing sister, a missing daughter, springs off her feet in response. - [...]

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Let’s Dream Together.

If dreams where made of plastic, we’ll just buy toys. That is just another way to say “Na Yam”. But the reality of things is that a significant percentage of police men we have today will not refuse the “statutory’’ =N=20 note (and if [...]

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“Mummy, why can’t you hear me?” Little Alex lay on the hospital bed, a sorry sight, with his skin clinging to his bones and a deathly pale look on his face. The discolouration of his skin gave him a ghost-like appearance and he was barely conscious of his environment as he lay there struggling for dear life. . [...]

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What is your hobby? Shopping!

Recently, I’ve been trying to get my head round the idea that shopping could actually be a hobby. Exactly how is shopping a hobby biko nu? I can’t help but notice a lot of profiles on facebook, twitter and the likes, where people have [...]

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And God said, “It is not good for man to be alone” This is the most quoted scripture in the Bible. It is quoted in reference to only, perhaps marriage. But could there have been a deeper and more far reaching idea in the mind of God when he said that, that for the first time something was not good? Could he have meant that it is simply not good for Adam to dwell in that garden alone without someone of his kind, who would serve as a sounding board for his dreams, and it need’nt always be a wife? This is why I say, I think you need me to feel good. - [...]


Cross Roads

We approached the senate floor, a crowd of sweaty students dressed in our night clothes, armed with tree branches and leaves, singing our aluta songs,”…solidarity forever/ solidarity forever/ we shall always fight for our rights!”

Our entrance into the senate building was forced, and [...]

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When the Nkpani warriors returned, they weren’t jubilant. Although, they brought back twenty heads, they were sad. They had lost eighteen men. They had planned to take the Nko people unaware and kill them in their numbers, but they hadn’t anticipated coming [...]

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Dance Club

(A setting like a secondary school’s social hall, on the podium holding a microphone is a student, the social prefect. Audience applauding) Folashade Thompson: Wasn’t that very entertaining? (Audience still clapping) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys are the best audience one could ever have. - [...]

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Foolishness is a big-bosomed Lady!

Beckoning, wooing; flagging her fancy for who may fall victim; inviting to all with promises of safety and pity. The understanding mother and the soothing mistress; - [...]

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