Apr 022011

Charity laid in bed after watching the news on NTA Channel ten Lagos. It was twenty minutes past the hour of ten, when she was done with her quiet time.That [...]

Mar 172011

Scene 3 (somewhere in lagos) Doctor Rolland: The patient is reacting to the substance. Nurse titi: What! Doctor Gideon: You cant tell him that.(shouting) Do something! (Susan on the phone) [...]

Late Night Visitor

Posted by IBKinx 49 views Flash
Mar 152011

As Charity put on her pajamas after a shower, she heard the sound again. She had the sound the night before and the night before that too. She decided to pretend [...]

Dance Club

Posted by IBKinx 60 views Screen Play
Nov 292010

(A setting like a secondary school’s social hall, on the podium holding a microphone is a student, the social prefect. Audience applauding)

Folashade Thompson: Wasn’t that very entertaining? (Audience still clapping) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys are the best audience one could ever have.

After reading part of Gloria Davies’s “You are what you eat”,i decided to write this article. Many of you reading this are as guilty as I am of the charges [...]

friend indeed

Posted by IBKinx 96 views Flash, Poetry, Suspense
Nov 212010

I met him a few years back
He became my best friend,boy friend and anything that means friend

Everywhere I went, I talked about him

Then, his messages woke me in the morning
And nurtured me to sleep at night
I was happy that I had a lover like no other

The Land

Posted by IBKinx 70 views Flash
Nov 202010

”Sir, the money have I laid at thy feet” Barnabas Joses the Levite answered “You can Leave” Peter told him “Next” He voiced as he ran his hand through his [...]

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