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I can remember vividly the first time Nneoma came to me to tell me about Chinedu. I remember because it was about 2 a.m and I was fast asleep in my room when the touch of a small, cold hand on my leg woke [...]



A form four student ,petrified by the impending ridicule when he fails to bring a new raffia mat to school,is saved by the principal [...]

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Naija Stories Podcasts Now Available for Download

As promised earlier, we have now have now converted two stories - ‘Cold Feet’, by Berry Feistypen, and ‘The Little Lodge’ by Maid into podcasts. The links to the audio files are below:

Cold Feet

The Little Lodge

To download, if you are using [...]

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Sunstreaks of Sunlight at Dawn 8

The next few weeks were the most uneventful of Athena’s 31 years. Her trip to London was for business, but it proved to be more of a get away. Six weeks went by in a flash and it was, once again time to go [...]

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IT's A LOVE STORY (Part 3).

Anger widened over his black, sweat-dripping face. “How long must we wait before we get our meals, until hell freezes over?!” He asked as calmly as he could. The lady over the counter just stared back at him, not knowing how to respond to [...]

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Val's Day

ADANNA and JENNY are putting final make-up touches on their faces. Both girls are in their early twenties. Both are dressed-to-kill and pretty too. They both chat happily as they make up. Adanna finishes her making up first. She gets up and goes inside. After a while, she comes out ready to go. [...]

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The diary of a Naija boy in the Diaspora - Weekend

his weekend, I am watching a recorded show today titled UK border force and it is a documentary that shows the activities of the UK border agency staff nabbing illegal immigrants and the continuous tussle between the watchman and the thief. Unfortunately, most of the people on parade on tonight’s show are Nigerians [...]

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Heartbroken But Never Bound

In those times when one’s feelings become hollow, In those times when all one receives is the chilly hand. When that dreaded time approaches… The heart pounds like the warning drums that sound for war. The palms sweat like the mourning dew kissing the grassy carpet. Deep within the pit of emptiness the groaning rises Now the inevitable occurs… [...]

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Stolen by night

The sky is turning cobalt The air becomes denser Evening’s aura pervades Home become the minds call Birds more straighter flies as Cattle upon the pastures mew Calling to home the Sheppard’s heart For there left over milk curdles [...]

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BBC Radio Playwriting Competition

The biennial International Radio Playwriting Competition is run by the BBC World Service and the British Council and is now in its twelfth year. It is a competition for anyone resident outside Britain, to write a 60-minute radio drama for [...]

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Of Love, Irony & The Last Laugh (I of IV)

The cheating bastard. The nerve of the cheating bastard.

Dunni fumed as she watched her husband lean over to kiss the woman who was about to hop out of the passenger seat of his black S.U.V.  Yet again, Jide was proving that there was [...]

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The Little Lodge

A cold, misty gust from the sea rattled the half-shut windows and loose floorboards on the porch. Pine trees swayed gently and dried twigs cracked like someone stocking a fire. Swirls of the mist draped the old white house atop the cliff along the [...]

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The Deal

I paced the antiseptic-smelling, squeaky-clean passage like a devil seeking for a soul to devour. Sweat drenched my face; I had run out of handkerchiefs. Though my eyes were wide open I could not, indeed I dared not, gaze into the depths of my [...]

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Memorable Conversations: Meeting the ED

I walk in to the office that Thursday, some minutes before noon. After filling the visitors’ record book, I walk straight down, open the door leading into the reception area on the ground floor. “Hello, good morning! I’d like to see the ED.” “Please, fill this form,” the young lady politely instructs as she hands me the visitors’ form. I swiftly fill in necessary information and hand over the A5 paper to the eager receptionist who then puts a call through while I take my seat. [...]

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We are a country that believes in so much words and little action. We love to couch intentions in big words which turn out to be a ruse at the end of the day. We love overusing words to a point of exhaustion.

For [...]