Apart from the clips of the film used in Segun Akinlolu’s classic song, Ikoko Akufo, I never had any encounter with the much touted culturally enriching movie until I saw [...]

The following are the superstitious beliefs I came across in the popular autobiographical piece by Richard Wright: Black Boy. The claims are just a little bit different from those we [...]

We are a country that believes in so much words and little action. We love to couch intentions in big words which turn out to be a ruse at the [...]

The impression a first reader of this Helon Habila’s work will have of this book is that of a romantic piece. Most especially, when the cover page and the content [...]

Just like the blurb rightly puts it, Toni Kan’s Nights of the Creaking Bed is full of colourful characters and as well, in my own opinion, interesting issues. These (characters [...]

The collection of stories is a good companion any time, any day. Since it is a collection, I chose to start from the last story. Though, warned that the book [...]

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