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The Devil's Altar call

Cynthia was touched. She couldn’t believe it; she saw herself crying, shedding tears profusely. They were tears of sorrow that came from the depth of her heart. The preaching on the saving love of Jesus Christ which she had just heard was overwhelmingly touching. [...]

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In Loving Memory of Ifeanyi Azuka ‘St. Fishie’ Churchill Adindu….


Yesterday I lost my closest friend,

Yesterday I wanted time to end,

I wonder if my heart will ever mend,

I just let you slip away…

-Lost Prophets=4. a.m. Forever



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I was angry, as I sipped my way out of the swamp. I was totally useless, unneeded. Even my own peers didn’t care that I was attempting suicide. Can you imagine? This anger, made me crawl faster though. It made me want to be [...]



I was born to this earth, a worm. A brown spineless earth worm. And right from when I knew myself, I hated it. I hated that I was an earthworm. I even hated that I had to hate myself. It was perplexing.

For a [...]


Road Safety (4)


The interior of the bank was a cool respite from the scorching heat outside. Sam walked to the water dispenser, gulped down three cups of blessedly cold water, and smacked his lips with pleasure. He felt good. He had [...]

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It is my last night as a bachelor and I am drunk and dancing with all sorts of women. There are fat women, slim women, short women, tall women, fair women and dark women for me and my best men. The music is so [...]


Road Safety (3)


Where do I keep this money? was Sam’s question. Should I take it home? No, he just left the place. They would know something was up, and come snooping around, and by the time he would be back from work, his [...]

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A Glimpse In The Mirror

I am a coffin maker but I prefer to call myself  an end-of-life transportation consultant. The truth is that I find it difficult to tell people what I do for a living. I soon came to the realization that while we all know death [...]

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Road Safety (2)


The interior of the car was blessedly cool, and it was much more beautiful on the inside than on the outside. So much more.

Man, Sam thought, money is good.

“What is the meaning of all this, my [...]

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Road Safety (1)



They say that life is cruel. Well… this was more than true for Sam Ajayi. The third child from a more-than-poor family of seven, he had seen the hard part of life, lived it, and he was [...]

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The house on Maduna hills

There was a beautiful house on Maduna hills with unusual colors of red, blue, orange and purple. Canopy trees lined up the sides and shaded the house from the Kuki road, the longest road that cuts through our little town.

No one has even [...]

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Liquid Blue- Part IV- Letters to Nkechi

“Dear Nkechi,

It’s hard to believe it has almost been six months since I last saw you. Your mom gave me your address. How is London treating you? Congratulations on your position, you are doing well with yourself!

I have some good news to [...]

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An Empty Doorway And A Maple Leaf

An Empty Doorway and A Maple Leaf are the names of the two little brats I inherited from aunt Morenike, my stupendously wealthy relative. Maple wasn’t a leaf but Aunty assured me she’s soothing and crisp like a glowing evening sun. Handle her with [...]

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Liquid Blue- Part III

The next day and Friday, Nkechi was busy at the office and she paid little attention to what was going on around her. She had noticed that since she found the blue stone, fate had smiled at her in an unfamiliar way but she [...]

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Hadiza's day

Hadiza was recovering from her crying bout with shuddering sighs when a voice boomed in her ear. ‘Get out of the bus!’ She turned to look behind her so fast that her head spun. What was she thinking? She thought to herself. She was in the back seat for heaven’s sake. She turned to look front when she heard the same voice again. ‘The bus…get out of the bus!’ [...]

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