yejide kilanko

May 202011

We may not get remembered for the big things we do. Or those picture perfect moments we skillfully orchestrate for our watching audience. It is truly those little stuff in [...]

Apr 272011
A Father's Love

My child, how I wish we could talk. It has been so long I heard your voice. I miss our quiet times together.   I hear you crying in the [...]

Living Praise

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Apr 172011
Living Praise

Joyful Hearts Twinkling Eyes Bending Knees Gyrating Hips Tapping Feet Bobbing Heads Singing Tongues Flexing Backs Download article as PDF

Apr 122011

There is a twinkle in your eye girl. It is making your face shine bright too. As you strut by working those heels I have to say there is something [...]

A haggard looking young man opens the door to his ‘face me I face you’ room. He shuffles inside, flinging a polythene bag on the rickety table. Pain flashes across [...]

The Outpour

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Mar 232011

I am that elegant rosebud slowly unfolding in the sun. The tropical flower embracing life’s warmth with quivering petals. I am the spunky nightingale who got her silky voice back. [...]

Library Talks

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Mar 152011

“What is going on here?” the Encyclopedia Britannica shouted in shocked tones. “Such noise and within these hallowed walls too.” “Well,” bellowed the Book of A Thousand Proverbs. “We are [...]

Mar 092011

  This is no curse by the crossed-eyed old woman with one tooth living in your father’s village Nor is it an illness that the virgin blood of a young [...]

Cannon Fodder

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Feb 272011

In a large luxurious room, far removed from the chaos and turmoil painting our nation’s soil red with freshly spilled blood, sat the absent relaxed leaders of the various fighting [...]

Feb 262011

Women of Africa, please listen up with pride.

Who ever said that beauty has a standard

has never seen an African Violet in full bloom.

Our palms may not be soft and smooth

as whipped butter but they testify to our

daily labour of love for our own and others.

I am a coffin maker but I prefer to call myself  an end-of-life transportation consultant. The truth is that I find it difficult to tell people what I do for [...]

Feb 212011

If it takes a village to raise a child,

I have always wondered about the

kind of child a village of sycophants

would join hands to raise.

For only the other day, I saw a horse riding a man.

Feb 152011

My crown has fallen-my head is bare. I lay on the ground, vulnerable to the stares and jeers of the human vultures that circle around my home. But alas, my [...]

Feb 072011

Decked out in all my finery, slightly intoxicated by the heady smell of fried goat meat, I was swaying gently in my white plastic chair to that ancient yet contemporary [...]

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