Apr 122011

There is a twinkle in your eye girl.

It is making your face shine bright too.

As you strut by working those heels

I have to say there is something so

new and special about you today.

Come close and whisper into my ears.

I promise you that I will not share.

Oh dear, that is such wonderful news.

For I think that there are few sounds

sweeter than the patter of little feet.

Oops! Did I really say that out aloud?

There goes my promise not to share.

Yejide Kilanko © 2011

yejide kilanko

15 Responses to “The Twinkle In Your Eye”

  1. Enjoyed this a lot…Loved the upbeat tone of it…well done!

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  2. O we’re having a baby! How very sweet! Good one Yejide…

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  3. Lovely how you let out the news. Lovely poem though the rhythm could have been better.

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  4. Congrats dear… Bout the baby…

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  5. Mr.Ojabo…Baby ke? I don retire since o :)

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  6. Hmm…E be like say Romance don dey hungry everybody for NS oh! Hehehe….

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  7. Awwww…beautiful poem..short and sweet

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  8. Well constructed.

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