To you and you alone!

To you and you alone!

Amorous pools sable and deep

Set lightly upon lustrous smile

Thy moonlit skin my heart doth keep

Stow’d away upon distant isle

Evermore to serve thy desire

Thy will my own ‘till I retire


An oxymoron, a Metonymy, to part thy lips

If only a whisper received

Force unmatched by one thousand ships

Seraphic feelings  from ‘ways easy  believed

Flows into my eternal soul

And place it under thy control



Dedicated to the lady that kept my pen overflowing with ink

whose endless love kept loads of inspiration gushing into my gifted skull



Amusa Smartfingers Adebayo (c) 2010…The Redefinition.

8 thoughts on “To you and you alone!” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. Profile photo of Mercy Ilevbare
    Mercy Ilevbare (@efearue): Junior Writer - 3203 pts

    Very nice even though I had to check up some words…Well done akanke for causing this

  2. Profile photo of Scopeman
    Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 54120 pts

    Wow! She must be one muse too many for her to cause this kind of outflow. Well done.

  3. Profile photo of Myne
    Myne (@Myne): Wordsmith - 35419 pts

    Yes o, she is quite the muse! Lovely poem.

  4. Profile photo of Raymond
    Raymond (@raymond): Head Wordsmith - 49340 pts

    Akanke…hehehehe. U have really Akanked this man oh!!!

  5. Profile photo of smartfingers
    smartfingers (@smartfingers): Junior Writer - 4910 pts

    thanks all. You know with a woman by your side, the possibility is endless

  6. Profile photo of 4ran6
    4ran6 (@4ran6): Junior Writer - 1994 pts

    @SMARTFINGERS: Guy, u too much! If u write more often than u do, I dey wonder where u go leave ppl like us. Well done, nice one!!!

  7. Profile photo of smartfingers
    smartfingers (@smartfingers): Junior Writer - 4910 pts

    Francis, am flattered! Dont you know, i do envy your philosophical masterpeice on fb, i dey eye dem too.Am an infrequent writer, and dats awful. thanks broda, you are inspiring

  8. Profile photo of Seun-Odukoya
    Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya): Head Wordsmith - 105843 pts

    My guy…..don’t allow that chick go anywhere o! This…this…this is a timeless edifice to the power of love. Damn!

    Well done Jo!

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