Touch of Spice Competition – And the Winners Are…

Touch of Spice Competition - And the Winners Are…

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in this writing contest, and especially to Worldreader, the major sponsors. We also appreciate the time and effort on the part of the judges including the RWoWA members who brought their romance writing and publishing experience to bear in selecting the shortlist. … Continue reading Touch of Spice Competition - And the Winners Are…

Chicken cross road

The Chicken and the Belly -Two Poems

SANTANA BELLY I remember those early days Of school uniforms and visiting days Of seniors and hunger’s medicine- That potent drug garri. I remember how we would refuse The prescription given us from home Daring to take overdoses Soaking three or four cups a day. Garri’s power over stinging belly pain Was enough to corrupt … Continue reading The Chicken and the Belly -Two Poems

dancing loafers

Blood on the Dancefloor: The Comeback

You get back on your feet, nose bleeding and totally humiliated, you loathe the DJ’s well-timed sense of irony as he switches the music to…wait for it… Michael Jackson’s ‘Blood on the dancefloor’. But you suddenly realize that this is the big break you’ve been waiting for! Thats the kind of music you can step … Continue reading Blood on the Dancefloor: The Comeback

Take Me To Ida

Take Me To Ida

                                                                                   Kogi State NYSC Camp                                                                                                 Batch “A”, 2008   It had been a long Tuesday afternoon. They’d all been on various queues since morning, pushing and shoving and hissing at each other. He was vaguely conscious of her standing in front of him. There was a fresh surge of complaints and grumbling and shoving and … Continue reading Take Me To Ida

by Stephen Ajadi

In Their Eyes

IN THEIR EYES Three little kids Crunching on stale salted biscuits Barefoot, they padded along the crowded street Sweaty grime on hungry faces Empty tummies grumbling in hollow places Unseen by the world they line in So they created their own world and living With stolen planks for bed Beside the putrid sewage is where … Continue reading In Their Eyes