bad baby

Yayabe and the Child - Part 1

  The soft earth bulged, shuddered and rose until it broke out in cracks, breaking into clumps of damp soil. Through its cracks seeped a fetid stench that coloured even the night’s air with sallow wisps. What seemed like hands pushed through the seeping sore on the ground, pulling along a malformed dark mass that … Continue reading Yayabe and the Child - Part 1

Solitary Road 4

Solitary Road 4

For a moment, Adaku was oblivious to her surroundings. She thrashed her hands around, grasping for something. She felt wetted with some liquid. She was able to grab a piece of cloth and quickly brought it to her eyes. She wiped off the liquid that was now dripping down her face. The liquid dribbled into … Continue reading Solitary Road 4

betrayal and funeral

Betrayals and Funerals - 23

KEMI “Some folks are crazy. I mean seriously…did you see what that guy displayed in court? He lied under oath! It was so obvious! How could Judge Burton not see it?” I said as I exited the car. “Judge Burton is a seventy year old judge who chooses to see what he wants to see. … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals - 23