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The Little Storyteller

Mum had me when she was twenty-five years old. By then, she was all grown up, done with school, living by herself, and working; she even owned her own private business. One would think that was enough reason to be ready but mum said she didn’t ‘plan’ me. However, she didn’t neglect to hammer on … Continue reading The Little Storyteller


BLOOD ON THE ALTAR (an excerpt)

The transit to Jos was too silent for Blessing; all through the journey which she went alone, she held the picture of her dead lover in her hands, crying at every glitch of the cherished memories they shared. The last night they spent together, she could still remember her words: “My dearest Blessing, this is … Continue reading BLOOD ON THE ALTAR (an excerpt)

War of Realmsfinalsmall

The War Of Two Realms: Chapter Two - Hope

The barren land was blackened by a thick ever present layer of soot, formed from eons of being painfully licked and scorched by terrifyingly large tongues of fire. The flames had burned since the beginning of her birth, they had formed and shaped the flesh covering of her earth and one day they would bring … Continue reading The War Of Two Realms: Chapter Two - Hope