Lamentations Of An Ugly Girl Episode 10

LAMENTATIONS OF AN UGLY GIRL (X) “Your friend ehn” Viv started before Bola interjected. “Dami and Liz fought” “Na today, he’ll come back joor, that’s why you want to kill yourself,” I hissed. “Your friend lied that she told Dami about Debo while he didn’t even know some people told him and over blew the … Continue reading Lamentations Of An Ugly Girl Episode 10


Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 3 ‘Metamorphosis’

The elders were heading to Ayetoro Grammar School which was located far away from Alao’s shrine. Assh!!!! Iya ologi uttered weakly,the weather was cold and drizzles of rain beat them intermittently.’ E pele iya wa,we’re almost there’ Akanni said tenderly. He was a huge man,with a protruding stomach and profound whisker like tribal marks. But … Continue reading Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 3 ‘Metamorphosis’


Tell Her Something Sweet

Tell her something that she will soon not remember. Words that will blow over her gently She would sway and then stagger ever so slightly To pleasant vocabulary which truly has no meaning. Though they be the most tired of repetitions -evidence of your disinterest to spare her a creative thought- This observation will concern her not As it is of less priority than … Continue reading Tell Her Something Sweet


Into These Eyes

Into these eyes Many have fallen Whenever the face rises Like the sun in the morning Never to play, no, never to slay But to accentuate what the lips say. On these lips Many stares have lingered Many have stolen more than a glimpse At it their hooded eyes stared Never to drop, no, never … Continue reading Into These Eyes