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My First Kiss (Episode 10)

*****Ten years earlier***** Nneoma stirred on the bed. Then she welcomed the new day with a quiet ‘thank you, Jesus’. She counted herself lucky, being a nursing mother, yet being able to sleep through the night, without a cry from her baby. The first six days after her baby was born had been, as anticipated, … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 10)


The Q-Corner: The Power of Conji

  When I was younger, I used to hear people complain about how conji wanted to kill them. Then, I used to find it extremely funny, so I would laugh and laugh until tears came out from my eyes, because even though I couldn’t quite understand what ‘having conji” meant, the word was just jocose but … Continue reading The Q-Corner: The Power of Conji


My First Kiss (Episode 9)

They stood side by side on the stairs leading to the first floor, deep in a conversation. They stood quite close, shoulder to shoulder, like a pair desperate to confirm their 2-inch height difference. When a group of students had emerged, in haste to use the stairs on which they stood, the duo had momentarily … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 9)


My First Kiss (Episode 8)

The sound of Jerry’s mobile phone, indicating an incoming call, made Evans to turn on the bed. Ordinarily, he would have ignored the call. But the situation at hand required a contrary action. Evans sighed. He was sure the clock had a long way to go before it reached five thirty. As Evans rose from … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 8)


The Morning Before

The atmosphere was charged with the disco lights bouncing off the walls of the largely spaced room in various colors while the air stood, stifled with alcohol, cigarette, sturdy brands of perfumes, and body sprays. And then, there were others;  sweats, body odors… We were like animals and the club was our jungle. I took the ice … Continue reading The Morning Before


Bevy’s Nuptial Knot.

Beverly Da Silva lifted her face to the sun. God,it felt good to be home in Nigeria. It was so beautiful out here. The lush,sub tropical vegetation of the private estate in Obudu cattle ranch soothed her senses. Sunlight,spilling from the sky flooded their whole reception. Everywhere she looked,the party was immaculate. The luxurious grounds … Continue reading Bevy’s Nuptial Knot.


The Toilet Visitor

Recently, I’ve been frequenting the toilet, not because I wanted to ‘shit’ or ‘piss’ but because it was actually the one place I knew I could go where no body could hear or see me cry. My favorite place in the world. For those who do not know, my visiting days to the toilet began … Continue reading The Toilet Visitor