Tale of 6 beings.

My name is PAM, and I’m a murderer. ***************************************************************************************** “Oh yes, yes Caro..!! I love being here!! Punish me for coming late”. These were the words from MD’s lips while he was with his mistress. She pleasured him with dominating and fetish sessions. Whips, cuffs, balls, uniforms, name it. MD was a masochist. Pain brought … Continue reading Tale of 6 beings.


The ‘bedroom Flat’ Generation

It’s a beautiful feeling hearing the sweet shrieks of playful children as they run around the sitting room. I was immersed in this sweetness as I watched my nieces run around with so much energy when it dawned on me that something was wrong. Like gas molecules they just seemed to be zapping around inside … Continue reading The ‘bedroom Flat’ Generation



The car sped smoothly along the traffic-free Third Mainland Bridge. Nathan looked at the lips-compressed figure in black jeans and a silk ruffle-neck blouse and grimaced. She’d been this way since they’d left the Race Course Arena a few minutes back. Only responding in mono-syllables when he’d tried breaking the puzzling silence. He’d picked her … Continue reading Unbreak My Heart - EPISODE TWENTY-TWO


I Don’t Even Know What To Call It, Just Read…

So far so good. We were in the seventh period, and I think I’d managed the first six pretty well. I hadn’t taken the word ignorance to a new level….yet, and my self-respect hadn’t depreciated, at least not significantly….I was on top of the world… Until my lecturer decided to switch things up a bit, … Continue reading I Don’t Even Know What To Call It, Just Read…

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What He Said…(Part 3)

“Guy, you’re making this thing too much of a big deal. Lola adores you; I’m sure she’ll come around.” Bola sighed, for what seemed to be the fiftieth time that afternoon. He had asked his four closest friends to meet with him to discuss some final details of the party arrangements—and also to calm his … Continue reading What He Said…(Part 3)


Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told! (1st Edition)- Episode 4:

I’ve been into so many relationships before I met Darasimi. As a matter of fact, I had vowed not to date any lady until I’m ready for an engagement. I was simply not just good at keeping or maintaining long-term relationships. I get tired once my partner starts messing up…..I don’t tolerate bullshit. For instance, … Continue reading Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told! (1st Edition)- Episode 4: