NYSC Slaves

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Apr 282012
NYSC Slaves

The Nigerian youth is a creature of woes Left all the time on his own To contend with all manners of foes And live a life of little fun   Day and Night he struggles [...]

What a Police Officer Told Me

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Dec 122011
What a Police Officer Told Me

I am a minister of the gospel I preach peace to the world At the end of every sermon the people willingly bring their offerings to my feet, the anointed apostle   some brethren are [...]


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May 022011

I tip-toed on a stone only to b slapped by mad police men mauling my body in mad waters of dirt

Stolen Manuscript (Prologue )

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Mar 162011
Stolen Manuscript (Prologue )

Seven military policemen pulled a man into the police station, the man looked dirty like someone who had not bathed for some days. His beards are unkempt and looked rough. Traces of blood can be [...]

Dec 022010
Police versus Twenty Naira

In the past have written about the state of the nation as a whole but now I will be talking about the whole sector separately, the first will be the police force so come with [...]

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