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Stella stared, frowning, at the shadow moving towards her. She wondered who was approaching and thought briefly of ducking out of sight. She didn’t want company. That was why she had chosen this secluded area. Out of sight of her raucous classmates, though sadly [...]

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She comes slowly from the bowels of the building, like one emerging from a trance. Her limbs are laden, so she stops, leaving her sister to walk on alone. She takes in a lungful of air, marveling at its wondrous smell – the smell [...]



My heart starts to race as I spot him across the room. Our eyes lock for a second and I wonder if he feels it too – that jolt of pure electricity. He looks away, his gaze drawn to the woman petulantly tugging at [...]


A bullet in the head!

Even though the office almost capsized from people running helter-skelter to get things done when the news came that the CEO was coming from the headquarters, Anna remained quite calm.

She was simply glad she had a perfect office record and that she had [...]

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The Conflict

“Nengi? Nengi? Did you hear me?”
A hand roughly jerked her awake, pulling her slowly from the dark corners of her dream. She jumped, startled, her hands reaching out to the nearest thing to keep her from falling.
The ground was slippery…so [...]

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The last time I saw my mother was when I was in Junior Secondary School at fourteen years old. So I have not seen her for the better part of my life. Yet the events of that day were so clear in my mind [...]

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The kiss!!!

….Nai could feel her heart in her mouth. it was pounding. heart beats skipping. her hormones in total control. she inched closer to cover the space between them…she just couldnt bear it any longer. she took in all of him…he pushed her lips to [...]

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Life Had Other Plans - An Excerpt

We were in the hotel room, Emenike’s gift to me. Our wedding reception had ended barely an hour earlier, and most of our invitees, those who had come all the way from Agbawka and Umunachi, were putting up in our house at the college [...]

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A Heart to Mend Nigerian Launch Contest

Here at Naija Stories, we hope your year has been going well so far and you have been writing more. This is just the perfect time to launch a new book, rewrite your manuscript or write a new story.

In the mind of all [...]

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I can see clearly now…the storm is over

After suffering blisters and bruises

Healing is finally taking its course

However the scars remain, the pain has not been forgotten

But they serve as a memorial…there’s no going back

I now can face today, [...]


Double Trouble

“Koko, are you listening to me?” asked Atim as she realized that her cousin had not responded to anything she had said to her in the last few minutes. Looking up she noticed the faraway look in Koko’s eyes and panicked “Koko, is it [...]

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This is to announce a series of FREE poetry workshops across the country to be facilitated by the Poetry Editor of, Unoma Azuah professor of Creative Writing at Lane College, on the “Technique and Critical [...]


What more can I say

What more can i say
Of trials and travails
Or trauma and horror
Of monks and nuns
Of pagans and necromancers

What more can i say
Of these to my generation
Who seek liberation and justification
As moles they grope in caves
And Ichabod [...]

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Jesus of Sports Hall

The tragic comedies of living in Sports Hall still haunt me. The Male Sports Hall was, as the name conjured, originally home to the Defense Academy’s sportsmen allegedly lodged at the very gates of the Sports complex. It had however degenerated into a den [...]

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Praise and worship over, the whole congregation rose as the man of God strode in. He looked neither to the right nor left as he made straight for the pulpit. Women curtsied and men bowed in his wake. He didn’t acknowledge the greetings but [...]

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