• There is a smile on my face as I pick up the Barbie doll. But it is a wistful smile. Seeing the doll after almost twenty years brings back a lot of good childhood memories but it is also a reminder of the saddest […]

  • Hehehehe!
    Rihanna ko, Rihanna ni.
    Love this.

  • A year after the banishment, a wail the people of Ajilenko never thought they would again hear rent the early morning peace. Different homes echoed that same wail. Remember every son from the age of six downwards […]

  • If you’ve read my tagline, you will know I’m probably the last person to be writing this. If there’s one place my writing talents don’t extend to, it’s the world of romance. Not that I don’t read romance, I do. I […]

  • Lade wrote a new post, Omoboja 8 years, 11 months ago

    Let me tell you a true story. It is the story of a village called Ajilenko. You might say there is no village by that name and you will be right. The village doesn’t exist anymore. But once upon a time, it did […]

  • She saw him for the first time that night.

    Sitting at a table with two men and another girl she knew, she had allowed her eyes to wander round the dark club and that was when she saw him. There was nothing […]

  • Putting the two trays down, Jaiye hurried back into the kitchen for the remaining trays. Earlier that day, he had given all the servants the day off, insisting he wanted only family around for the dinner. He had […]

  • I should say here that not the king nor his loyal escorts nor Omoboja made any mention of this event. Nobody in Ajilenko village at that time knew where she had been or what had happened to Ihielele or even that […]

  • The whole family was here to celebrate Jaiye’s promotion. At the age of 42, he had become the youngest and the first black CEO of PRITON GAS & OIL, the largest oil drilling company in Europe. It was something […]

  • The whole village was shaken and they turned as one to an equally shaken king who had to gather his scattered wits to once more don the heavy mantle of leadership. It is true what they say ‘Uneasy lays the head […]

  • Lade wrote a new post, Closure 8 years, 11 months ago

    !– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } —I gripped my hands so tightly, my nails pierced through my palms and drew blood but I didn’t feel the pain. The pain I felt was somewhere else, deep […]

  • (I wrote this last year for a friend who had given up on love because she had been hurt and it was affecting every relationship she had, even friendships)

    You remember the first time you had that ‘butterflies […]


    I cannot remember who wrote SUGAR GIRL but I remember clutching it and running to my father to exclaim “It is a Nigerian story!” Before then, I thought Nigerians only wrote textbooks.

    My dad must […]

  • The uproar that would have followed that discovery was firmly suppressed by the family’s determination to avoid the entire village finding out what was happening. But covering up the disappearance of a child […]


    Hamude didn’t know what to do. He and his brother had gone to school together that morning but when Suzy came to pick them, Tamer was not there. When he asked Suzy, she had just […]

  • Of course she was not in mammy water features then, if not I would have run screaming from the river like Salewa, my little sister the time she was attacked by bees.

    What I saw was a tall slim woman with skin […]

  • The whole village had a deserted air about it which was not surprising. On harvest days, the only people to be found in the village were the old, the infirm, heavily pregnant women, new mothers and their newborn […]

  • Let’s see. What do I want in a man? I’ll start with the physical.

    He must be tall, at least 6’2”, young, broad shouldered (for all those pillow talks when I will rest my head on him), lean muscled stomach, […]

  • When we got home, my grandmother ordered me into my mother’s hut and there I stayed all through the evening. I was not allowed out. Neither was I allowed to do or help with anything. My mother and grandmother […]

  • I wrote this two years ago after we laid my uncle to rest. He was sixty two years old and looking forward to the arrival of his first grandchild. We had no warning. No sign. He went to bed hale and hearty and […]

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