• ThumbnailBrain bedridden with unravel feelings Heart injured by crazy desire What could cause such disaster Just a damsel What could heal this illness Just her passion He wish for nothing beyond her smile And to walk with her Thus, hand in hand Along a bordered path Blossomed with lilies Sunflower and roses Mind distorted with pleasure [...]

  • Today, i met the cloud with my heart What do i say to my heart? With the weather look so awry And my mind eager to know The bond between the cloud and heart I didn’t think or understand The tornado in her heart It depressed all other thinking Retaining one thought Two heart are [...]

  • That was great collection, i think that is awesome

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    i like your editorial skill, perhaps i could harness that to improve my poetry. Thank you

  • I ran close to hunger To limit my consummation I drank books like drunkard Hoped it will spark my genius I lied still like a log wood Dreamed it will end my stress I stretched my heart Thought it will attract more affection They clung to the mirror That brimmed with spark of life Coated [...]

  • My heart is on a rail my soul is moving on a fast track my mind wandered in a confused world and my body cannot bear these movement what should i tell my heart? when it is happy and sad   what should i tell i my soul? when it is tired and eager   [...]

  • I have seen the rose Danced to the tunes of love I have seen people Appealed to the rhythm of love I have seen the earth rotated To the tide of love I have seen the world Nourished by true love I have seen life changed by pure heart I have seen human long for [...]

  • I The sky bowed down The earth stand still The ambience is changing Beloved, you have cast charm on me My desire is different My love is crazy !-more- My mind produced your image My body want to be normal But my life want a change Change of heart This chasm will be bridged This hollow must be filled With your passion   II My ego…[Read more]

  • The truth proclaim straight path But falsity devised shortcuts Thus the world is cloaked With heresy and deception Man adore the straight path But could not endure the long way Plant revered the straight path Endure the long days But could not allow straight branches The straight path is cloned to straight lie The truth [...]

  • I was born where the mine tiled the soil I was raised where man strive for nature I was born a king, ruler of my world I was trained to become god, the black god I was beheld a greener earth I was endowed with meadows, lakes, oceans, hills and brighter minds I was blessed [...]

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    This day is done The night is gone Hope for a better day Seems to be dwindling In a corrupt nation Birthright bargained by sweet killer Attaching pile to the middlename of its citizens Weakening the backbone of truth Triumph illness empathise with dwellers And promise salvation of bounty Greediness and egoism All minds possessed [...]