Philosophy From My Father (1)

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Mar 132011

Son! People will hate you because they cannot do what you do.

People will love you because they love what you do.

But, don’t be distracted by praises and criticism by men rather than moving forward.

Son! Don’t follow the crowds with negative mission.

Follow the crowds with creative and positive vision.

Son! Life is like a rifle - therefore you must know what target to aim at,

how to hit the trigger - then focus more on your aim and let it go.

Son! Adventure made a man. And determination made a hero.

So therefore, go out there and lives as a man.

Son! As a first time traveler, remember, you know nothing by observing or guessing.

But you know more by asking. So never find shame in asking questions.

Be open-minded to good-nature and guarded to less-assertive men.

Son! Your prowess is worth your earnings and may make you exceptional among men,

but remember men are passionately jealous.

And they can replace your joy with sorrow.

Son! Have a phobia of gossips and never show you hate them.

Remember with faith that if God be for you, no man can be against you!



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  22 Responses to “Philosophy From My Father (1)”

  1. I love this, but didn’t like the last line… That last line is obviously an overused expression by people. If you could say it in a different and unique way, the work would turn out better… Aside some little typos, this is a very good one.

  2. Hmm, wisdom song! A collection of wise sayings…

  3. Ur father must be great

  4. My father is a great man indeed. Thank you Augustine.

  5. This was quite inspirational. Really loved it oh. But felt the write was not ‘poetic’ enough. But it really had very good lines. Will have ditto @Augustine - your father is a very wise man.

  6. @justuswrites, e be like say you wan compete with king solomon…u did well ‘cept for a few typos and a few places you could have put in a twist to sweeten the poem, you did well…MORE GREASE!
    @jaywriter points on the ‘not too poetic’ is shared by me too… take note

  7. “…so go and ‘live’ as a man”.
    Fine piece….

  8. seem more to be like s flash,but absolutely loaded with meanings.though some few typos exist not a bad poem,your father really taught you.

  9. Nice message, but not so poetic. Still, apart from the few typos, very nice and strong.

  10. Could relate personally to a few lines in this.Not too bad an effort.

    Well done!!!

  11. Thank you Raymond!

  12. I like the effort to share the wisdom of life like you just did.You must be a man of letters to have remembered all that your dad said?! Just joking. Keep up the good work, and work on making it more poetic.

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