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The Winner is Declared!

Finally, the Vote Chronicles Contest has come to an end. Like already stated, the final winners depended entirely on the outcome of the polls. In a similar vein, Goodluck Jonathan was declared a winner [...]

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Third Round Stories - More Judges' comments

Still keeping within our dates, if a few days late (bear with our Jegas Judges), we now announce the top 10 stories for The Vote Chronicles contest. These submissions came tops according to a [...]

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The Vote Chronicles - Tolu Ogunlesi returns comments

One of our judges, Tolu Ogunlesi, has returned his commentaries on the top 18 stories. The stories are listed below in no particular order, and with the comments following. We hope that both the [...]

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Pascal Obinna Ozoigbo - A Contest for Readers

In line with the vision of Naija Stories to promote reading as well as writing Nigerian stories, we bring you this contest for readers. There will be no writing involved, only questions to answer. [...]

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Naija Stories featured in TELL Magazine!

The interview held between Arukaino Umukoro and Myne Whitman, the Managing Editor of NaijaStories at the NaijaStories Meetup in Lagos appeared in the April 11 edition of TELL - one of the foremost news [...]

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Second Round Selected Stories

At the end of the second round, the following stories have been selected by the Naija Stories editors and volunteers. All the selected stories have been sent over to the judges for their review [...]

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Chiedu Ifeozo Judges the Vote Chronicles

One day to go to the end of submissions, announces it’s last judge of the Vote Chronicles writing contest. Chiedu Ifeozo is a published poet, and a writer. NaijaStories has chosen to partner [...]

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Sola Kuti Judges the Vote Chronicles.

SOLA Kuti is the Creative Director of SwitchedOn Media Ltd, and also the chief editor of the major publication produced by the outfit, the SwitchedonNaija website. We are partnering with Sola on the [...]

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The Vote Chronicles: First Round

After almost three weeks of submissions, we have come to the First Round of the Vote Chronicles. A total of 32 entries were submitted, 5 were disqualified for breaking the rules or not meeting the criteria of the contest. 27 entries in all have been posted on the front page of the site for popular post views and comments. [...]

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Tolu Ogunlesi judges The NS Vote Chronicles

We are proud to announce the confirmation of one of our judges of the NaijaStories Contest - The Vote Chronicles, in the person of Tolu Ogunlesi. Tolu is the author of two books and [...]

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Naija Stories Board Leaders

After our call for volunteers here, we have selected the following people into the team that will be working with the publisher and editors of Naija Stories. We hope we will begin to see [...]

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Naija Stories Is Hiring

Since its launch in March last year, Naija Stories has grown from strength to strength, boasting of a collection over 1,50o stories, poems, articles and plays on topics as diverse as romance, adventure, suspense [...]

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