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The Shaggers

My dad told me about a day he and a few friends had an accident while driving. He was in Germany then. He said when he regained consciousness; he noticed people gathered around them. The first question someone asks him is if he wants to smoke. From where I come from, that would be like asking someone in that condition if he or she wants to have sex. [...]

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The Parenthesis

Up in the Air is a 2009 movie starring George Clooney. The movie follows Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) who goes around the world firing people. I didn’t really know that type of job existed. Like, what’s the need hiring [...]

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NOLLYWOOD - A good 2010; A better 2011…

It has really been a great year for the Nigerian movie industry. Great year because a couple of really good movies surfaced… somehow. There was Ije and Figurine and Anchor Baby. Of course there was Guilty [...]

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Parish House ~ 2010

Sylvester played by Van Vicker is facing opposition from his family after returning to Nigeria after leaving the seminary. He brings a new girlfriend Christine played by Mercy Johnson that he wants to marry to his family and they shun her. His mother in particular is very upset with his. We find out that he was excommunicated but the full extent of what transpired is not revealed until Christine’s cousin Cheta introduces her to her best friend Ifunanya. In Ifunanya’s story we find out exactly why Sylvester was excommunicated and why his mother is so filled with shame. [...]

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Genevieve Nnaji

She was hailed by Oprah Winfrey as the Julia Roberts of Africa and featured in an Oprah episode Meet the Most Famous People in the World. Just recently she was chosen as Connector of The Day on CNN’s Connect [...]

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Silent Scandals ~ 2009

Jessie despairs over her wayward daughter Ella. She steals, drinks, smokes and stays out all night with her boyfriend Naeto without any regard for her mother. She is uncontrollable. Her mother is at her wits end and devastated when one day she has to pick up her young daughter from a police holding cell after being caught shoplifting. This action is the deciding factor in her being sent by her mother to live in the UK to live with her father. [...]

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Room Service ~ 2010

Derek Douglas played by Van Vicker is a huge celebrity actor. A date with one of his female fans Lily played by Bimbo Akintola is the start of big drama. He decides to surprise the fan by turning up to her hotel room to take her out for dinner. Little does he know that the one he chats to on the internet called Miss Spiffy was not in the hotel room that day but rather the maid Gina, played by Mercy Johnson who was trying on her clothes. They end up going on a date together and so starts the web of deceit based on mistaken identity. [...]

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Jungle Ride ~ 2010

Set in the jungle that is the city of Lagos, Nigeria Akin, a petroleum engineering graduate has been looking for employment for years. One night a chance encounter in a parking lot with Honourable Jembe a friend of his late father brings about a new opportunity. Honourable Jembe recommends him for a job. He gives him his business card and writes a note on the back for the MD of the company. Luck is not on his side because he loses his wallet containing the card before he has the chance to interview at the company. [...]

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