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    wow….and I thought I was the only rock on planet Mars???!!! Lade…please how do you do it? where do you do it…when do you do it? I’ve resorted to carring journals everywhere I go, my BB storm is glued to my hands…my eeys are always glazed from squinting at a page or a screen….but my [...]

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    Thank you people!…I am a bit flattered by this attention form all the Super Wordsmiths…. Indeed i am encouraged Abby…pls stay tuned and keep talking… @CeUg…what can I say…? try and stay on an even keel ok? at least till the next episode, lOL! @ Emmanuella…I’m also trying to define a Genre for my writing; I [...]

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    Thanks @ for your comments…please keep ‘em coming….This is actually the title poem in a small collection I’m hoping to get published soon.

    Have you also read Warmongers by moi?

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    When they came… We knew their fame… knew their names…knew their games, When they rigged…when they lied…when they schemed as the rule of thumb… …and we were silent… Were we blind? Were we deaf? Were we dumb? When they forged…when they looted…when they stole from all of us… …and we were silent… We heard the screams…saw the blood…felt the loss When they raped…when they [...]

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    Warmongers!!! I have often heard tell that war is simply old men quarrelling and children dying! I hear them now…these ancient reptiles… Masters of diatribe…in one breath they declare “united we stand!” in the next they speak of war, they speak as though any of them could determine who would live and who would not; who might die [...]

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