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kaycee on JAMBITE
@Sambright,glad u liked our jambite,insurance cover you and we get 2 much pros wey fit give you 'orientation'.Lol
Su'eddie Agema on Journeys to After
Thanks Scopeman...don't we all think of it...? :)
colotrends on Turbulence
how deep? i need a comparison... well or...?
Wealth on Turbulence
Very deep.
Fabian on Cries of a Virgin
raises questions... very good though

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Ways to help polish your writing

This was one of the recurring questions at the last meet up.

Every story you write needs to be edited before they will be published here. This also goes for other material you may want to send off to contests, other markets - magazines, journals and anthologies. It is [...]

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Editing and the Writer

In my experience of writing, especially the way it is done these days, being a writer is not such a solitary work anymore. Previously, a writer suffered over their books alone and when it was purchased by a publisher, they got to work with a developmental editor whose job [...]

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Getting over writer's block

Writer’s Block is something that we as writers frequently pass through. You’re writing and suddenly, the words stop coming. These are words that seemed to flow from the tip of your pen earlier, rushing through your head and your heart, and out through your finger tips. Now they just [...]

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Introducing the Editor's Blog

As most of you know, Naija Stories was set up based on my experience writing my blog and publishing my book, A Heart to Mend online. I felt I had something to offer as a way of giving back to the upcoming Nigerian writing community through my editing/writing expertise [...]

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