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And the Winners are...

Finally, the Naija Stories Independence Day Contest is concluded. Like already stated, the stories in our shortlist were further  reviewed by the Naija Stories editors and graded with regards to Creativity, Use of Language, Relevance to the Independence Day theme and Polish/Grammar. The winners are [...]

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She could tell as soon as she looked at him; one glance at her and he knew she could tell. Maybe it was because he couldn’t hold her gaze like before. Or maybe it was just that powerful intuition he knew she had; the [...]


Kill me with your words

‘You killed your own baby, you liar!

Even as he said the words to her, he knew that he had made a terrible mistake. The look on her face had him flinching on the inside but he refused to budge.

‘You told me you [...]

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The smell of curry permeated the small room. Electricity was low; the creaky ceiling fan whirring lazily did little to dispel the smell. Its creaking as it struggled to circulate air caused Abidemi more discomfort. She got up from the old metal bed where [...]



“Take off your clothes,” he commanded.

Then he walked to the door, locked it and put the key in his pocket. He turned to me again and screamed, “I thought I asked you to take off your clothes!” I shivered terribly. What was I [...]

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Abiku (4.5)

Serenity (Contd)

“Mama Segun said I should greet you,” Chike announced as he exited the house to the veranda where his mother sat. Adanma had already called it a night, leaving the two to their mother and son chats. Ezeamaka made a noncommittal sound [...]

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THE DILEMMA (Introduction)

As I continued putting pen on paper bloating my ink, the memories that continues erupting in my head keeps alarming me knowing I want to say everything just as it is, the tears just keeps dropping from my already flooded eyes, eyes that has seen life, life in just so short a years. But before I start, I have to make some truths known … just as it were … [...]

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Step by Step

Hours after hours
Days after days
I try to forget you
I haven’t called
I haven’t emailed
I haven’t heard your voice in months
But somehow you found your way back into my heart
And into my [...]

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Reviews for shortlisted stories

Nigeria by 2050 - Joshua J. Omojuwa

Given that this was a competition about writing a story about Nigeria’s independence, I wasn’t surprised to see this entry which cast its eye to the future of Nigeria. I was tickled pink at the idea of [...]

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(Enter Eze Obika and Ezenna)

The style of the furnishing is quite fashionable type. There are four leather chairs, a round glass table in the middle of the chair with a flower in a [...]

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End of Polls - Independence Day Contest Shortlist

We have come to the last stage of the contest. Voting has been completed and we have selected the top stories from the poll for our final shortlist. These are the 14 entries which received over 1% of the total votes each. These stories [...]

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The uproar that would have followed that discovery was firmly suppressed by the family’s determination to avoid the entire village finding out what was happening. But covering up the disappearance of a child especially one in the public eye like Omoboja was just not [...]

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The old man lifted the mahogany pipe from his mouth and sucked in a deep raspy breath; coughing in spurts and choking back muck at the base of his throat. He ran thin bony fingers over his bald head and pulled on his long grey [...]

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Corporate Affairs Series - Gabriella 2

After those words came out, she immediately had the urge to clap a hand over her mouth. So much for hiding her antagonism from him. So much for professionalism, Gabriella thought. So much for her profession, period.
Because she knew there and then [...]

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A review of Toni Kan's Nights of the Creaking Bed

In spite of the widely acclaimed offence of immorality that Toni Kan’s Nights of the Creaking Bed purportedly commits, the book indeed reflects the power of confidence that proper narration could exude when it is told with apt words. With the consciousness [...]

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