Lawal Opeyemi Isaac

Opeyemi is a final year student of Physiology at the olabisi Onabanjo University,Ogun State,Nigeria. He has had immense love for the written word from his tender age, and is about now trying to make his voice heard.He writes poetry and short fiction.

Jun 012011

As you lay on the grass alongside Chukwuka, your boyfriend, you felt lightheaded. He whispered, “My queen, my one and only,” to you, the classroom walls hiding you both from [...]

Apr 102011

The night seemed so long, Dragging on wearily Like it were unto eternity. *** I wake up To the soft sounds of drizzling raindrops As they gently caress the dry [...]

Your milk has gone watery! Abidemi’s voice rose high as she argued with Oladele, her husband outside the house. Her voice was a sharp knife that cut through the serenity [...]

Feb 132011

Last season We were together, Hearts entwined, Passions burning, Coitus made in heaven, One a compliment Of the other. Download article as PDF

Feb 092011

A time it was

When the lyre’s lustful lush lyrics

Stirred the silent wind

Out of her slumber

In the serene evening,

Stirred in us an awakening,

A call to our stolen sessions.

Feb 012011

He walks up to you

Desolation painted on his face

As he tries to smile,

Hunger hugging at

His paunchy stomach,

His raiment in tatters,

Believing his squeegee

And soap can

Will squeeze a few Naira notes

Out of you.

You brace yourself as you walk towards the beach. Today, you will conquer your fear of the ocean. The evening is humid, almost airless and you are sweating. You undo [...]

“Gosh!” Jibola let the word out with a long drawl. It sounded more like ‘gash’ with a forced American accent he had picked up from the many disco parties he [...]

Nov 212010


I wake up

And greedily inhale lungfuls

Of the crisp clear air

That prepares me

For everyday’s vicissitudes.


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Nov 022010

Her beauty

Is like the sun

Setting on the waterfall

In springtime,


The strength and grace

Of ten thousand purebred

Spanish horses,

Like bee to nectar

Was the attraction.

Ayoka had sat on the veranda that evening, expecting her father’s return, waiting to hear the familiar heavy thuds of his steps as he came back home.  If she had [...]

Oct 122010

Horns and percussion blaring,

Flowing Agbada mingling with

Stiff collared three piece suits.

The songster’s voice and the congregation’s


Rising to heaven in adoration.

Sep 302010

The smell of curry permeated the small room. Electricity was low; the creaky ceiling fan whirring lazily did little to dispel the smell. Its creaking as it struggled to circulate [...]

Olumide Ashaolu didn’t mind the midday sun that burned him, like it was intent on turning his chocolate coloured skin to a charcoal black. There was much gaiety in the [...]

Sep 152010

Ayewu wishes people could peel away the thin veneer of his smile and see his frustrations underneath. His siblings demand money from him at unannounced times, their many faces looking [...]

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