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Making or not making choices


If I had scoffed at seeing this essay topic the day I saw the advertorial on the internet, it was my choice and if I did stop by to give contesting nothing but a thought it was my choice too. If [...]

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No Shortcut

The incumbent governor of Alanta State received a call that gladdened his heart. In spite of his status, he jumped up and down like a school boy on receiving the great news. The tough-talking electoral officer had finally caved in.

Johnson, the governor’s trusted [...]

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‘Nigerian Roulette’

He could see the story vividly in his mind as he made his mental constructions and polished his angles on the way to the interview. For most parts of his adult life, he had wondered how it would feel for things to be just [...]

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The Binoculars

He watched from quite a distance as he had done time and again. His binoculars made his vision a lot more detailed than deprived. Closer than usual, his vision bore clarity and grace as his sight was blessed with a view never seen before [...]

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The Heavens are Silent

“I really liked the advertisement campaign of the DVD party.”

“Hmm, I thought the advert bereft of any message, what with all the money at their disposal.”

“Frank, you are an incurable critic, nothing pleases you.”

Laughing, Frank replied, “When something does, even I [...]

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Her Objective Mind

Jennifer glanced around the lecture room she usually studied in and then at her wristwatch. It was 6.00pm,time to head home.


She looked up to see Kayode, a 300 level student she had a huge crush on.She smiled saying nothing.

‘Heading home?’

She eagerly [...]

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Civil Robbery

I hate elections. Well, not quite. After all, no one desires to be an onlooker when important decisions are being made. But Nigeria elections, in my opinion, are an elaborate charade woven in expensive foolery, needless violence and deliberate corruption.

At twenty three, I [...]

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The Antelope

He needed the money badly. No, badly was an understatement. He needed the money so…He couldn’t even find the words. How badly could you need something that could save the life of your only son? N500, 000 is what the doctor told him to [...]

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This Election Day

LALAM: My friend, what are you doing here?

UDAMA: I have bothered myself a lot about government not doing its job. Maybe it is time I bothered myself with doing my job.

LALAM: Really, don’t tell me you have started yet another business.

UDAMA: [...]

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In the blink of an eye

“Nwakwe for president!” The stout musician said loudly as part of his performance for the Nigeria’s Democratic Party presidential campaign in Abia State. Nwakwe nodded his head slowly, like he was intoxicated by the song, and indeed he was. He didn’t care if the [...]

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Dining Electorates

‘We have a mandate!’ he shouted, but his family didn’t understand what he meant. His ten-year-old son sat down munching his food, as he watched his father break for the umpteenth time, his rule about not talking while eating. His wife didn’t seem to [...]

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She said “I want to vote”. Like I was the ballot box.

I looked up, and I saw the sun. Slowly, its rays crept into my carefully inclined lids, and I saw the day had began to ripen, like the contrast of banana peel; [...]



It was 4:00pm already ,yet i haven’t even taken my afternoon drugs, as a recovering patient that is still recovering from MALARIA. I was too weak even to get up and take my tablets, no doubt me and MORPHEUS  had a very [...]


My President has stage fright

As a graduate of  Theatre Arts, I learnt to conquer stage fright early in life.

My acting professor, late Professor Ola Rotimi, reminded us that humans were toothless bulldogs.

If they didn’t bite, we had no reason to be scared of them on stage.


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Behind the Dark Cloud

As the clouds began to rumble, we began to mumble. A moist scent engulfed the air and the atmosphere felt like an ocean-ride. From a distance, the hills seemed to be covered with snow. To the best of my knowledge, Nigeria had never experienced [...]

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