The Heavens are Silent

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Mar 282011

“I really liked the advertisement campaign of the DVD party.”

“Hmm, I thought the advert bereft of any message, what with all the money at their disposal.”

“Frank, you are an incurable critic, nothing pleases you.”

Laughing, Frank replied, “When something does, even I will be the first to sing its praises to the high heavens.”

“So, what party did you have in mind?”

“None, I’m afraid; I am yet to see any that distinguishes itself. In the end, I have just two options left.”

“And what’s that?” the friend asked filled with curiosity.

“Individualism or no vote at all; after all, leaders must emerge come April whether we can stand their party or not”

“Truly Frank, no party is as bad as the CPP party. They are a party whose credibility has been thrown to the winds.”

“And I am assuming that those that have cross-carpeted from the CPP to other parties have suddenly become angels.”

“Some of them have.”

“And what of the rest that haven’t?” And with that question hanging in the air, the two friends continued their journey in silence. The rickety danfo bus which had been groaning under the weight of the passengers soon stopped to let the passengers off.

The young man looked tired and hungry, yet his forehead was furrowed in deep thought. Walking home, the words of Frank kept resonating in his mind. The young man had roamed the streets today and was exceptionally tired and yet his mind was alive. He had always seen voting as unnecessary since the status quo hardly changed; perhaps, things were going to change this time around.

Meanwhile, far from where the natural eyes could behold, a meeting was in progress.

“It’s time for Nigeria to make her choice again. Wonder how it would be this time”

“I shudder to think of that country disintegrating because of its own foolishness”

“Would there be an increase in violence?”

“It’s already in progress. The bombs are going off and crime is on the increase”

“We already know what would happen if these people choose any of the candidates, since we have foreseen what each candidate’s tenure would be like. One can only hope that they are wise in their choice”

“I wish we could do something to help” one said looking towards their leader who appeared to be deep in thought.

“No, they have been given the freewill to make their own choices. They have to decide on their future themselves.” The leader replied.

“Why can’t we help?” the one who had spoken last asked.

“Perhaps, it is because we are handicapped. We can only stay here on that day and look down on them. We may even shed a few tears if they end up making the wrong decision but in the end, they are the only ones that can solve their own problems.” And with that the heavens went quiet.

The day of the election dawned. The birds chirped and the dogs barked oblivious of the tension in the air. The young man and others like him stood on the queue waiting to make their choice. The young man listened in fascination to the arguments around him and when it reached his turn, he made his choice and walked away, neither happy nor sad. When the results were announced, the young man smiled in disappointment and yet he had the conviction, that having done the right thing; he could walk with his head raised high because deep inside he knew he had made the correct choice…his own choice.

The heavens on the other hand, remained silent.

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  13 Responses to “The Heavens are Silent”

Comments (13)
  1. ‘Wonder how it would be this time’.
    Shoulda been ‘Wonder how it will be this time.’

    I’ll come back for this though…

  2. Lovely concept this is. At least the young man played his own part. I like how this competition is bringing out the best in people.

    Well done!!!

  3. Like Lawal said, love how much I’ve seen from the entries.

    This is a good story. Like the fulfillment the character got for making and voting for his choice. Nice one.


  5. Yes, this is a nice one.

  6. @enoquin, very nice piece… Wonderfully done.

  7. Nice concept! *winks* Though I disagree with your heavens hoping that the country doesn’t breakup. I mean, what if the will of the heavens is otherwise (like has recently happened in Sudan.) Some may call Lord Luggard’s amalgamation an act of destiny but I believe the peoples of Nigeria deserve a chance to decide on their own nationhood. (Forced unity never breeds sustainable development.) But then again, as you point out: the heavens always remain silent until the earthlings stir


  9. Irrespective of the choices we make in life,conscience fulfillment should be esteemed than any factor either money or any other valuables.—-My deduction from this craft.Well done sir!

  10. Good concept of making choices independent of heaven’s intervention…

  11. The heavens should not be silent in this case oh! Nice piece, conveys its message clearly.

  12. Nice story and concept, but I had a little issue with distinguishing the characters at some point.

  13. This is a nice story with a good ending. There were a few issues with punctuation. The last semi-colon may not really be rightly placed. Well done and good luck.

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