I will

Life and Death

Posted by enoquin 90 views Fiction, Flash
May 172011

My heart beat loudly in my chest as I saw him come in. I tried to smile but it seemed as if the muscles in my face were revolting against [...]

Today get as e be.

Posted by enoquin 124 views Fiction, Flash
May 052011

The alarm sound for my head like piano wey im chords don spoil. No be jus now now I sleep? As I stop de alarm, na so de phone ring. [...]

Apr 152011

Gasping for breath, Breathing in slowly, Mouth agape to take in more air, But it’s not enough.   Stiff and sore, My legs in protest go numb; And as I [...]

Mar 282011

“I really liked the advertisement campaign of the DVD party.” “Hmm, I thought the advert bereft of any message, what with all the money at their disposal.” “Frank, you are [...]

My Brother and I

Posted by enoquin 122 views Flash
Mar 122011

I woke to the sound of mother’s wail. which relative had died again?’ I wondered. Mother’s wail always had to do with relatives which we could hardly recall or ones [...]

Feb 152011

This is a poem by someone that hates rejection and yet hopes to find love

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