Da Writing Engineer

I am who I am: The Writing Engineer!

Jun 092011
Often and Often again

I crawl my way through life Seeking everything at once To be this, that, all the time Bidding, hoping and striving To achieve all I ever want At times, I [...]

May 272011

Up until that fateful day, the Dean never resumed at work later than 9am. Not only did he come into the office –always already full of students and visitors alike [...]

Apr 102011

A harmless phone call was all posterity used to keep me alive. Without that fated call, I’d either be six feet under the ground, if the grave digger wasn’t drunk [...]

Mar 282011

I hate elections. Well, not quite. After all, no one desires to be an onlooker when important decisions are being made. But Nigeria elections, in my opinion, are an elaborate [...]

He felt it. Something told him everything was not right. What was it? He slowed his pace and checked his watch. 11:27pm. He looked right and left. Nothing. Except for a [...]

LONG BEFORE THE FINAL WHISTLE He never wanted to be Governor.  Providence, cloaked in the habiliments of strife between the sitting Governor and his much–favoured deputy, catapulted him to the [...]

The school bell sounded and as if on cue, the students began a mad rush for the exit gate.  Their mass, a barely distinguishable assembly of kids of varying sizes [...]

When our eyes met, the skins on my forehead, reminiscent of a lizard’s elbow, wrinkled with recognition. The wrinkles gave way to widened eyes as soon as the face threw [...]

Writing is about the only venture that gives me joy.   Except sex, that is.  Not only do I savour the excitement of creating and killing characters at will, I delight [...]

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