Away from you

Posted by Jefsaraurmax 72 views Poetry
Apr 172011

I wrote this after reading the April theme for Quarrtsiluni: Imprisonment. Please let me know what you think and if does feel like somebody who is in prison. Thanks.   [...]

“Dear Nkechi, It’s hard to believe it has almost been six months since I last saw you. Your mom gave me your address. How is London treating you? Congratulations on [...]

The next day and Friday, Nkechi was busy at the office and she paid little attention to what was going on around her. She had noticed that since she found [...]

Nkechi was clutching the blue stone all the way home. She was rubbing it like a toddler would rub his blanket and peace had overcome her. Lagos’ hustle and bustle [...]


Posted by Jefsaraurmax 106 views Poetry
Jan 102011

The pain surging like waves and crashing Nothing can be said, nothing can be written Words will not shield me, words will not soothe me Download article as PDF

Nkechi glanced at the mirror. Did she have what it takes? Her brown hair was pulled back neatly in a bun and her eyes were enhanced by a discreet make [...]

Oct 112010

“AfroQueen, you are indeed the queen of Naija Tales. Your stories are always so well written and this one is no different. I can’t wait for the next installment!” “Bujwriter, [...]

Oct 082010

Nneka woke up that morning with an uneasy feeling. She had gone to bed early the night before but didn’t feel rested. Her bed was in disarray with the down [...]

Step by Step

Posted by Jefsaraurmax 38 views Poetry
Sep 302010

Hours after hours Days after days I try to forget you I haven’t called I haven’t emailed I haven’t heard your voice in months But somehow you found your way [...]


Posted by Jefsaraurmax 81 views Poetry
Jul 092010

I write when my heart bleeds When I am gone so far inside myself That I fear never to come back I write when words are too painful to say [...]


Posted by Jefsaraurmax 119 views Poetry
Jun 232010

I loved you every minute of every day Since the day I met you All these years I still love you And now you’re gone Darkness has fallen upon me [...]


Posted by Jefsaraurmax 156 views Poetry
Jun 172010

You chat with me on Facebook You think you have me all figured out I should have seen it coming The same questions, time after time How old are you? [...]

Your Hair

Posted by Jefsaraurmax 111 views Poetry
Jun 152010

You stand in front of the mirror as if waiting for something to happen You look at your hair with seriousness and concern Appraising it as your hand is combing [...]

What I want

Posted by Jefsaraurmax 105 views Poetry
Jun 072010

In the train, looking through the window At the city on fire with the blooming Poincianas At the sky an angry purple In the train, sitting quietly and looking At [...]

Jun 032010

The Thread You kept me on a thread Not too far so I wouldn’t drift away from you Not too close so you wouldn’t have to get involved Years after [...]

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