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Abimbola Aduuni Adelakun is the author of the pastoral novel, Under the Brown Rusted Roofs, a book which perfectly uses Yoruba folklore to mirror the malaises of the country, the [...]

Our Internet Lifestyle: Our pleasure for Internet freedom and lifestyle all started some four years back when mobile web browsing was just a novel experience and mobile broadband a non-existing [...]

I could quite take my memory back to the Christmas of 2009. The unusual thing that happened was that I never celebrated the birth of Jesus at the church with [...]

Dec 092010

Location: Tiamiyu Salvage Street, Opposite Bar Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos. Venue: Terra Kulture. The pain is timeless; The emotion is empathic. The pain is mutual; The atmosphere was with pin-drop [...]

One thing about an anthology of different contributors is the flowing stream of experiences you are provided with. When it comes to a collection of literary materials, you cannot be [...]

Oct 262010

(Measuring Time, a book by Helon Habila) There’s so much controversy on what qualities a classic novel should command. In some quarters it is strongly held that a classic novel [...]

Location: Terra Kulture, Tiamiyu Salvage Street, VI, Lagos. See… Our Celebrities Read. Does any dictionary give space to accord meaning to the word ‘African Timing’? No, you say? But at [...]

Though the book written by A. Igoni Barret is a collection of short stories that has the potency to keep the reader glued to every of its pages from the [...]

In spite of the widely acclaimed offence of immorality that Toni Kan’s Nights of the Creaking Bed purportedly commits, the book indeed reflects the power of confidence that proper narration [...]


Posted by Joseph Omotayo 124 views Poetry
Sep 152010

Life is but a stage,

Men and women are just players,

They all have their exits and entrances.

One man in his space plays his part;

His act makes his path.

I Love You.

Posted by Joseph Omotayo 87 views Poetry
Sep 082010

I love you.

Hmmm… so pleasant to hear

And sweet sounding

It set red lips agape.

Testosterone on the rampage,

The nubile one at risk.

You will be mistaken if you think Myne Whitman’s literary birthing, A Heart to Mend, is among the charade of romantic novels that could always be predicted with the end [...]

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