Unlike everyone else I have not been writing from my mother's womb. I realised my ability to write pretty well along the course of life. I didn't take it seriously initially and I'm paying for it now by studying a Science course that does not interest me anymore, thankfully, the torment will very soon be over. I am currently working on my first novel "Dappled Things", I hope to publish by the end of this year or early next year.

I have often dreamed of a time in the near future, when my struggles become memories, and my dreams become my reality. It is every man’s desire to be happy, [...]

The time was 3.20pm and the celebrities had not started reading. It was my first time at Terra Kulture, the venue for the 8th edition of Celebrity Read Africa, an [...]


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Apr 172011

This was my entry for the “African Writing Flash Fiction Contest”. I guess I see why I didn’t make the shortlist in hindsight. ========================================== The colours red and yellow bring [...]

Apr 122011

Found this in my archives, thought it necessary to share it here. ________________________________ According to Science, everything is matter. Science teaches us that anything that has mass and occupies space [...]

Mar 262011

Clinton had been waiting at the gate of the staff school for several hours. The ‘University of Benin Staff School’ was the only voter’s registration point in the campus. Clinton [...]

I watched the movie, ‘the social network’; to say I was inspired would be an understatement- I have been touched by heaven’s purest light. The thing with light is that, [...]

A while ago I posted a piece here titled ‘the BREAKING’, well, this is a rejoinder to that. Please read and leave your comments afterward. ===== When Brian came back [...]

My name is Margaret Alozie, and this is neither the beginning nor the end of my story. I came back in search of redemption, but I ended up in a [...]

When I was little, my elder brother told me that the world would come to an end some day; that life and death as we know it will have a [...]

Dec 212010

My name is Emmanuel, and it means “GOD with us”. I was born on the 25th of December. The day everyone all over the world calls, Christmas day. I was [...]

My mother started appreciating me again after I started sending money home. She began to respect me and seek my opinion on various issues. We stopped depending on my father’ [...]

Sometimes I think he’s in the trees, just hiding, waiting to come out. If there’s anything I want most, it’ s that I wake up the next morning and find it was all just a dream; that none of it ever happened. That Seun never came to my house that evening; that I wasn’ t hungry when I was that Saturday when we met Seun; that we never even met her anywhere and our paths never crossed.

Entering the walls of Ronik Comprehensive School, what greets you is its quiet and unruffled environment. You can hear the silence. It welcomes you as you make your way through the walkways and hallways. Classes are in session, but you can’t really tell unless you came close enough to the classroom blocks. Only then would you witness the quality of education we received within those walls.

Once upon a time, when stories still began with ‘once upon a time’, my mother told me of a lady who set out looking for gold for a husband, and [...]

Nov 092010

She couldn’t explain it. He seemed so perfect. Everything about him tripped her. The way he walked, talked, smiled and perhaps frowned which he rarely did. It was never a [...]

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