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Oct 112011

Let my heart stick upon this thin air and beat through the wave of the east wind casting ripples of sweet melody as my eyes thrust into open night sky the stars form fine pixels [...]


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Jul 152011

Drip! Drip! Drip! Tiny drops of rain, Flowing through the drains, beating a hasty retreat Down, down it drips Deep into the soil it seeps Tiny drops of shining beauty Pouring down on the city [...]


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Jul 132011

Life, is a bum! Yet our best chum Just like a newly wedded wife. The world is no fun Full of tales of war, strife and constant grief Yet we bask in the glory of [...]

Beach rhythm

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May 032011
Beach rhythm

At your roar, birds soar Even with glaring oars Your powers calls We held ours On solid time and hours Staring with gasping awe Pondering as intentions unveil Nature’s best, we survey!

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