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The Wotar Thief 2

Just as our assembly was disarranged as everyone had to go back to completing their early morning chores which also included those that had to go back to their warm beds we began hearing a loud wail from the single bathroom that we all shared. “Help! Help o, Pepper, Pepper, Pepper o, Somebody Help o” … Continue reading The Wotar Thief 2


Unaware – “The Beginning”

….In thoughts  of a certain little princess and a friend whom I love “Mum please hold me, please play with me, please don’t leave me alone, I want you now”. Tami cried but her mum only looked at her with sorrow filled eyes before walking away. She watched her mum move slowly away from her, … Continue reading Unaware – “The Beginning”

I miss you mum (last episode 10) story by Dindy

I miss you mum (last episode 10) story by Dindy

I MISS YOU MUM EPISODE 10 (STORY BY DINDY) Please do not share without talking to me personally and asking for permission, thank you for reading this story… …….PRESENTLY…… I stood under the shower which was already on. Water came down on me. I stood there for quite a while, after my flashbacks. “Neil Neil, … Continue reading I miss you mum (last episode 10) story by Dindy