Tola Odejayi

I've always enjoyed writing, although it's only recently I've begun to explore my fiction writing side. Loving the journey so far...

Julius trudged up pockmarked staircase, already feeling weary about the encounter that was about to occur. The walls of the stairwell, dingy with years of use and poor maintenance seemed [...]

As Sokiratisi approached the palace, he wondered what the Emperor had summoned him for this time. “I am sure it must be something serious… after all, he has his own [...]

Jan 302011

The elegantly dressed alhaji was striding down the corridor of the National Assembly Complex when he heard someone shout out his name. “Alhaji Bukar! Long time no see. How now?” [...]

Amaziah eyed his bowl of fufu and vegetable soup with relish. After all, hadn’t he worked hard enough that day to deserve it? And the bonus was that Mama Iyabo [...]

Dec 312010

Chief Iwuchukwu paced around his luxurious master bedroom in agitation. This was not good, he muttered to himself. This was not good at all. Had he not contributed thousands… no, [...]

If Amaziah had been asked to pick a compound for him to rescue his cock from, the very last compound he would have chosen would have been Chief Olowoparija’s. Simply [...]

It was the weekend, and Amaziah was relaxing in the living room of his flat. He leaned back in a well-worn armchair, cradled his hands behind his head and smiled [...]

The years passed, and I finished my university course in civil engineering. I soon got a job in a large construction company which sent me all over the country to [...]

I still remember the first time I met Kacha in secondary school. I was minding my own business, packing away my books at the end of one of my first [...]

Oct 192010

It was a grey, cold Tuesday morning with more than a foreboding of rain. Fitting weather for the business of the day, Diran thought, as he stood in a long [...]

It is early evening at Pangolo Junction, a run-down bar in a less-than-affluent part of an unnamed town, and three men are sitting round a table. Two of them are [...]

Aug 072010

Wasiu Afolabi perched on the hard-worn seat of the minibus as it rattled and rumbled through the night on its way from Lagos to Ilorin. In the dim light around [...]

Aug 032010

“I think it’s time we had a full and frank discussion.”

“What? You mean it?”

“Yes. For too long, we have been tiptoeing around or even completely ignoring the major issues that really need to be discussed. We have been calling a spade a manual geomorphological modification implement. We have not been direct and honest. The time has come to change that!”

“Amen, brother!”

Jul 142010

Over the next few months, Taribo and Julie continued to see each other. They had both agreed that it would be a good idea for them to start off as [...]

Jul 112010

Taribo repeatedly scanned the restaurant for Julie, hoping that she would be on time. There was nothing he hated more than people who had no concept of punctuality - that [...]

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