I am a witty writer,thinker and speaker.I express myself in whatever way and whatever means possible that is not negative.I believe in myself but believe much more in God and in His only begotten Jesus as I owe my progress in life and what I will ever achieve to His unflinching love!

May 272011

My own love no blind My own love dey see pass Microscope My love no dey slack at all 24/7 e open brekete So that nobody go fit kolobi you [...]


Posted by sambright 49 views Poetry
May 222011

See mama dey cry For wetin?I ask Pikin don die Of fever wey high For this life? Nah im pikin go con die? Chai see the mama dey roll The [...]

For your mind!

Posted by sambright 65 views Poetry
May 082011

For your mind! You no dey repeat class No bi today we dey hear this kind of tori For your mind! You promise us water and Garri Till today the [...]

Beach rhythm

Posted by sambright 52 views Memoir, Poetry
May 032011

At your roar, birds soar Even with glaring oars Your powers calls We held ours On solid time and hours Staring with gasping awe Pondering as intentions unveil Nature’s best, [...]

This is oasis!

Posted by sambright 46 views Poetry
Apr 122011

This is oasis! A place of knowledge wrest. Where we glean vital thoughts from the best. Sucking off nutrients never seen Yet in evergreen scene. This is oasis! Our Canaan! [...]

Where was God?

Posted by sambright 62 views Poetry
Apr 092011

Where was God? I wonder… Where was God before the world began? Where was God? Before He came to being? Did He exist before existence? Where was God? Download article [...]

Apr 072011

Alero: Guess what dropped off Frank’s pocket on our way home yesterday? Sam: Lots of Christian tracts. Alero: Nop, try again! Sam: Ally, I don’t have time for unrewarding conversations [...]

My Victory!

Posted by sambright 37 views Poetry
Mar 232011

My victory, It started with my Common entrance examinations My victory, It started with my mock examinations My victory, It started with my junior WAEC My victory, It started with [...]

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