Emmanuella Nduonofit

TWENTY-FIVE Nick heaved a sigh longer than a sigh.  Yes!  Those memories maimed him in fact.  The injection slowly had effect on him.  He slowly fluttered his eyes and sleep [...]

NOTE: Gosh, why won’t my fingers stop ‘itching’, hm? It’s sad sha, really. Well, formerly titled SHOULD I MARRY MY FATHER’S KILLER?, this story was first published in a local [...]

Please note that this is officially my second novel I’ve written in my lifetime, and I had quite a young tender mind when I scribbled this particular book on paper. [...]

Act Four, Scene One (The stage is now divided into two, signifying a restaurant, FALLON FAMILY RESTAURANT, and its kitchen.  MR. & MRS. FALLON enter, exhausted.  MR. FALLON goes to [...]

May 032011

‘E-Entrance’… He entered her, “Do you know this world?” “No!” “I’ll introduce you”, submerged into the parched sweetness. _*_*_*_ Download article as PDF

Apr 302011

CHARACTERS:- A YOUNG WOMAN A YOUNG MAN (In an empty department of a higher institution.  A bench is placed beside a wall riddled with papers stuck to it.  These papers [...]

Apr 252011

Act Three, Scene One (Back in the room at the backyard of a cathedral.  MRS. FALLON is packing up the flowers into a tromp-box when MR. FALLON enters.) MRS. FALLON: [...]

Lying to my late father in order to extract more money than usual was a necessary act because I needed the money to sustain myself in school.  Deliberately misdirecting a [...]

-Scene Two- (At a wide balcony of a storey building.  AJOKE, dressed in a light black swimsuit, is preparing a small picnic.  She has spread out the mat, opened the [...]

Apr 192011

Act Two, Scene One (Back at EZUGO’S room.  EZUGO pours the very last liquid content of his whisky from the decanter into his glass when ANEZE enters.) ANEZE: I thought [...]

-Scene Two- (MOJI is dressed in a gown meant for a bridesmaid.  She is situated in a room at the backyard of a cathedral.  She sits on the settee beside [...]

DRAMATIS PERSONAE:- Tinuke Fallon Ezugo Anobi Jack Moji Fallon Mrs. Fallon Mr. Fallon Funke Yakubu Aneze Anobi Ajoke BARTENDER Download article as PDF

IN REMEMBRANCE OF THE DAY OF THE AFRICAN CHILD Dear reader, imagine this: Many World War veterans of Dutch origin come to South Africa, settle, introduce this so-called language called [...]

Apr 022011

SEMITRIBUTE Once again, his grave squirms! I want Idoto to rake over water, for it looks pretty safe Since ’67 August late he went – but I have taken over [...]

Mar 242011

Cynosure, Hypocrisy, Rapacity, Inferiority, Scintilla of Scrupulosity ‘CYNOSURE lies in the depth of one’s mind and THE HYPOCRISY in one’s words.  THE RAPACITY created from the thoughts and actions of [...]

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