Just the ‘2’ of us

Just the ‘2’ of us


He entered her,
“Do you know this world?”
“I’ll introduce you”,
submerged into the parched sweetness.



the picture is aging
and the glory is there,
created decades before birth
a material from mother earth

that picture has aged
from the exhume
of past perfume
its peace was poor
an image damp, dry, dirty, delicate
so coarse, so hoarse

the picture has truly aged
with a taciturn texture
and withered edges
The paper goes
and still stands,
a monument for the very brief glance
and a morsel for the side of the eye

How still she reclines
handbag on the left
her stare motionless
and a neck of matured deformity
due to ill-wishing, so the story goes
“If I come back again, I will no longer be kind”
So goes the story,
The mother of my mother

I am her last
If only she knew me…
But she left and I came
Now, I can only look at her
Touch her
And not feel her,
The sixth wife and the best,
In the picture that has aged
and is ageless

8 thoughts on “Just the ‘2’ of us” by Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

  1. @emmanuella these are lovely poems.the first one did it for me. short crisp and very suggestive. well done as for the second, its very very good. i sense a deeper meaning which i cant place my finger on yet. on face value its more like someone looking at a heirloom, in this case, a photo of an ancestor. well done ma’am.

  2. nice stuff. deep.

  3. Love the melancholy in the Picture has aged.Inconsistency in the punctuation. 5th line of 2nd verse, I think you can tighten the line a bit by reducing the qualitatives and showing us how damp and delicate the image is. Good work!

  4. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    nice work you have here.the first was quick and stir up some imageries.the second i like.a vivid description of a photograph of an ancestor…..’touch her but not feel her’ very interesting.well done!

  5. Emmanuella, really miss your writing
    lovely and deep as usual.

    1. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

      :D @Paul, where on this planet earth have you been, hm? I bet you ‘resurrected from the dead’, no? ;) A tiny replica of ‘Jesu Christi’. My dearest, the Easter cloud is still in the sky. So, happy Easter! I bet you it’ll take a bit of a long time before you can back that top position you use to hold here in NS, now that @Xikay is the new head and seems determined to stay that way. Welcome back, however brief, hm? :)

  6. The first one is a bomb.

    The second one…was…


  7. I love the first one most. Good job.

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