i met another dude tho he looked so much like mr fyne i still wanted to know the real him cos i was not fully recovered from mr fyne Download [...]

i lay my head on my palm thinking to myself of a better life to live then i realised i had left the physical i was no longer where i [...]

Apr 082011

It all happened one cold evening; the evening breeze came through the window, lifting the window blinds half way up. The autumn leaves below rustled loudly. I could feel the [...]


Posted by diamondsblings 41 views Poetry
Apr 072011

why do things stink why am i left to think it all looks like life is beginning to shrink but i still get to wink Download article as PDF

Apr 012011

Kezia woke up from her bed.The time was 6:00a.m., she had to catch a bus by 6:30 a.m..She had her bath fast,dressed up as fast as she could. While she [...]

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