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Today Was A Fairytale

I had just finished taking with my colleague, and now I was headed back to the office. But there was this very good looking guy, and trust me I was already spell bound. I made for my seat, pulled out my laptop, and I began the day’s activities. In my head, I was thinking what kind of angel dropped a guy so cute in my office. I dared not say anything, as my boss was seated directly opposite me.

Trust me; this guy to me was a wonderful piece of art. I don’t know what exactly got me attracted to him, but I know he is everything I ever dreamed off in a guy. The way he talks, his reaction to situations, his extremely calm attitude, and his inability to lie. I sure knew I was love-struck, though I made no move.

That very first time he talked to me, my heart skipped a bit, and I felt like I was floating on a clear blue sea. Meanwhile, my friends have been teasing me about me taking my punishment seriously too. Let me sharply explain the punishment thingy.


A couple of months back, I met a very bad boy, and been a good girl, I got closer to him, thinking I could change him. But you know the way the saying goes now, “It is easy to pull someone down, than to pull someone up”. Instead of me changing him, I ended up fallen in love with him. (Am sure by now you must be thinking how many guys have fallen in love with). We dated for say 5 months, and trust me those where the most horrible months in my life time. He was never around, and whenever he was we most definitely were arguing about something. I remember how many times my friends had to sit me down and talk to me, and I kept telling them that I loved him (stupid me right?). Anyway, a lot of water passed under the bridge, and he broke up with me. I cried my eyes out, and even fell terribly ill. Too bad I was the only one that knew the reason for my sickness. A very long time before he broke up with me, my friends made me promise that I would do without a relationship for one year, if my relationship with him did not last for a year. So when he broke up with me, I had to fulfill my promise. I already hated the men folk anyway, so it wasn’t supposed to be a big deal. Now that’s all with the punishment. Back to the main story


With time, we continued to relate as colleagues, only that he was my superior. He later told me not to call him my superior any longer, as we were both colleague. I found out later that he had feelings for me, but he was not saying anything. I also chose to remain mute, as I wanted to be sure first.

One fateful day, I asked for his email address, and added him on my messenger list, and we stated talking. To my surprise, that very day, he let me know how he felt about me, and trust a girl not to say anything now. And I just kept quiet. We continued chatting for a very long time.

I later revealed the way I felt for him too, and trust me; the whole thing feels so right. So that is how I found love in the rarest of places, and from the rarest of people. A day doesn’t pass without him reminding me of how much he loves me. And now, every day I go to bed, I am sure of one thing, I am going to see him in my dreams that night. And every day seems to me like a fairytale, where I am a princess, and he is always my prince charming. I love him for who he is, and though I know I might not have said it in ways he understands, I hope that with time he understands. This goes out to the love of my life, the one that makes my dreams worth staying asleep, and make my days worth staying awake. Ololufe mi, Nkem mi, Okan soso mi, Afurumginaya, I LOVE YOU.