Wedding Blues

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Elevator door closes, inside are Eric and Tola, they are still dressed in their wedding clothes

TOLA: What a day! (sighs contentedly)

ERIC:  Yes, what a day (A smile playing on his lips as he looks at his bride) but I guess the night holds even more appeal, don’t you think?

TOLA:  The night? Hmm….. sweet sleep. I can almost hear the bed calling me

ERIC: Sleep? No way! My mind was on other things (frowning)

TOLA” Other things, how?

ERIC: Like consummating our marriage and making babies

TOLA: I think that can wait till we are well rested. We have our whole lives to do that. Let’s just sleep away the stress

ERIC: No way! You are my wife. You have no right to deny me of my right

TOLA: But darling …

ERIC: Don’t “but” me, I say …..

(There is a thump and the elevator gets stuck)

TOLA: Hmmm….

ERIC: Ooooh! See what you have caused now

TOLA: (Looking bewildered) Me?

ERIC: Yes, you. When a woman argues with her husband, things like this happen

TOLA: (Rolls her eyes) I see

ERIC: No, you don’t see. We are here for our honeymoon and we have to make the most of it, especially as we have spent so much

TOLA: (sighs tiredly) Okay

ERIC: We have to find a way to get out of here (He looks around trying to find an escape route, but finds none, then leans on the wall of the elevator)

ERIC: Are we supposed to be doing this?

TOLA: Doing what?

ERIC: Fighting on our wedding night and getting stuck in an elevator

TOLA: (Tola smiles) Well…I don’t think so. I think it is just all the stress that is getting to us. I mean, a court wedding on Thursday morning, dinner thrown by friends that same night, engagement on Friday, an engagement  party thrown that same night, wedding proper on Saturday morning and then the reception … thank God we stood our ground about having a night party again today

ERIC: True, true

TOLA: We just need to have a good night sleep and our temper would come back to normal

(Eric thinks for a while)

ERIC: No wonder I fell in love with you. I am not falling for your charms this time

TOLA: You cannot blame a girl for trying

ERIC: We really need to get out of here soon (He looks around and Tola sags to the floor)

ERIC: What do you think you are doing Tola?

TOLA: Trying to get some sleep of course. God knows when this elevator would start moving again

ERIC: What is it with you and sleep? Please stand up. You do remember how much that gown cost us, don’t you? We can re – sell it

TOLA: We are not re – selling my gown. It’s a Vera Wang, so it stays with me

ERIC: Okay o. let it stay in good shape then

TOLA: Is it the gown you care about or me?

(Eric’s face softens)

ERIC: Oh sweetie, you know I care about you a lot, its just that this wedding has really drained me financially, what with the list of things I was given to buy for our engagement, your dowry, the house, preparing for the wedding …

TOLA: I understand dear, but weddings come but once now

ERIC: Tell that to my grandpa

TOLA: Your grandpa? What has he got to do with anything?

ERIC: He married five times


ERIC: … and with just a little dowry and a keg of palm wine

TOLA: I see.. I don’t come that cheap

ERIC: I have noticed

TOLA: What? What? all you think about is money, money. You talk like I don’t pay my part of the bills. Of course I don’t come cheap; I pay the half of my expensive tastes. Just because … (Tola’s voice is rising, just as the elevator door opens)

ERIC: (sighs thankfully, arms upraised) saved by the bell!



Hotel room door opens as Tola and Eric enter looking round

TOLA: Oh! Its so beautiful! Look at the bed! Roses!

ERIC: Yeah. And I see Teju has brought our luggage by as he promised. I must confess, I was worried he might not get around doing it

TOLA: Yeah, me too. He seemed too engrossed with the food being served

ERIC: He just has a healthy appetite

TOLA: so says his ever protective brother … you eat as much as well

ERIC: All the better to display my strength my dear

TOLA: Hmm.. I can see the strength

ERIC: Do you want a demonstration?

TOLA: I thought we agreed on a restful night

ERIC: We did not agree on anything

TOLA: I am so thristy! Let me see what is in the fridge

ERIC: There is a bottle of champagne by the bed stand, do you want me to open it for you?

TOLA: uh.. no. I think I prefer water. Do you mind ringing room service to bring us a bottle? There is none in the fridge

ERIC: Anything for you, my love

(Eric turns his back to ring service and Tola drags the blanket from the bed with a pillow into the bathroom, then comes out to rearrange the bed)

ERIC: Your water is on its way madame

TOLA: Thank u monsieur. How about you help me out of my gown so I can take my bath

ERIC: Do u have to take your bath before we get down to business?

TOLA: Yes now. Infact I insist. My mom said a bride should always take her bath before …

ERIC: so, your mom would dictate how we go about our private business ehn?

TOLA: I am not saying that, you deserve a sweet smelling bride now, don’t you think?

ERIC: Okay, Okay. Come here, let me help you.

(Tola removes her gown and ties a robe around her, then enters the bathroom)

ERIC” Don’t stay in there for too long

TOLA: Okay darling

(Tola enters the bathroom and locks the door. She spreads her blanket on the clean tiles of the floor of the bathroom and soon she is snoring)


ERIC: Are you okay in there?

(Tola comes awake slowly)

TOLA: Yes. I am fine

ERIC: Your water has arrived

TOLA: Okay, I would drink it tomorrow

ERIC: What do you mean you would drink it tomorrow? Come out of the bathroom, you have been there for too long

TOLA: No. I want to sleep and you won’t let me. Go to bed!

ERIC: You better come out now.. or I would break down the door

TOLA: Go ahead (she puts her head back on the pillow and dozes off almost immediately)



(Tola wakes up and stretches lazily, then she remembers where she slept and stands up quickly in disgust and tiptoes out of the bathroom. Eric is fast asleep on the floor, adjacent to the bathroom door. Tola taps him guiltily)

TOLA: Good morning love

Eric stirs and wakes up smiling, then remembers and he frowns

TOLA: Look, Eric, I am really sorry. It’s just that I was so tired yesterday and you wouldn’t let me sleep. You know how much pressure I have been under lately, even I could not believe I slept in the bathroom when I woke up this morning. I am sorry

ERIC: I guess I was being selfish yesterday night. I should have truly recognized how tired you were. I was equally tired too. Just being stubborn

TOLA: Thank You for understanding dear. Would you like to try for those babies now or do we take our bath and see what the day has to offer

ERIC: I say we try for some babies

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  16 Responses to “Wedding Blues”

Comments (16)
  1. As if they haven’t been trying for the babies before the wedding…*wink*
    I surprised myself by reading this (I don’t know why I run away from plays, which I used to devour as a kid, but there U have it. I just read a select few…), and I surprised myself even more by enjoying it. I like the fact that U worked with a theme that is seldom treated. I like that a lot. Something fresh in the angle of Romance, for a change. That, I like.

    Good stuff @jay…Good stuff.

  2. Well written, I love the theme!

  3. This is superb Jay, I loved every bit of it! Well done bro…

  4. @jay, i like this story a lot…nice, easy read…if na me sha i no go make any babies until she beg me like die!!!

  5. lol @ making babies comments. tnx guys

  6. Think you are good with dialogue, and your formatting is quite impressive. You also have a good storyline and plot. Could really see the stage all set up, from elevator to the bathroom and room.

    I must add that there were some issues with punctuation and all that. Watch out for them.

    Hope to read more of your works. Well done.

  7. Nice one Jay. I enjoyed every bit of this.

  8. Hilarious!!!
    Something like this happened to one of our friends. they were so tired from all the wedding planning and reception that they hit the bed half asleep and woke up the next morning. so funny:)

  9. Jay…a job very well done.

    Well done.

  10. Hey Jay! That’s hilarious bedroom comedy, sitcom - whatever anyone calls it - it’s just a nice, simple-plot play and well written. I like it so much. LOL.

  11. Interesting! Well done Jay.

  12. Nice one. So good, one would think that you wrote from experience. Good work!



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