Waiting for Tomorrow

Waiting for Tomorrow

Time flies with our grunts,
Thoughts keep us in chains,
Goals, evidence of torments,
Success, chimera set in truth,
And failure, recurring disbelieve…

Africa sounds like a sad song,
A dirge for earth’s verve,
Cry of scourge, poverty, rape,
An elegy short of voices,
Faces buried in the beauty of dust.

Battered, life stares like a curse,
Without mercy,
Time awaits our end,
Slowly, surely, assuredly,
But without halt.

Tattered, our hymns pierce the soul,
Tears of injustice, hope and the future;
Children of orphans, orphans of children,
Today mustn’t defeat tomorrow,
Another future must be born.

16 thoughts on “Waiting for Tomorrow” by 4ran6 (@4ran6)

  1. Whoa!! I had to stop at the line: Children of orphans, orphans of children. I was like HMM! #Ikidyounot! I’ll keep waiting on tomorrow! Hope is the theme, isn’t?

    Wonderfully written poetry Sir, again. Second stanza, awesome, how the next lines feed off the first line: sad song; dirge, cry, elegy. Impressive!

  2. @Falomo, this only shows that I’ve learnt so much from u… Yes, hope is the theme. Thanks for the time, I can only get better under such tutelage.

    1. *takes a bow* Expectancy meter now moving up….lol.

  3. @Falomo, that kain thing! Lols…

  4. The future of Africa remains uncertain yet I believe it will get better. This is nice.

  5. Oh and i liked this one too, i read your other poem just now and it was good too. You captured it well, today will never defeat tomorrow,amen.

  6. Reminds me of a song by Linkin Park: “Waiting For The End”. Another NS(club)-banger from U bro!!!

  7. these nice lines nailed the poem for me and sealed the can …well done sire @4ran6
    Children of orphans, orphans of children,
    Today mustn’t defeat tomorrow,
    Another future must be born.

    by the way does the 4th line of stanza four refer to the CHIMERA monster or the CHIMERA fear/imagination?..you did well here

  8. @Seun, thanks Mr. President (read somewhere that u’re the president, dnt know where sha).
    @Titiloye, thanks… It’s only uncertain for now, when things are done the right way, we’d be certain of certain results.
    @Elly, Amen too and thanks for finding time to read my works, I can thank u enough.
    @Raymond, nice song! interesting… The title was inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. Unfortunately, Godot (God) never came. Thanks dude, I’m flattered!
    @Xikay, Na me be sire? Guy, e no work… I never see wey apprentice b master o. And as for ur question, wasn’t surprised of ur knowledge of Greek mythology: fire-breathing female monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail. Chimera here refers to wat we’ve turned success into in Africa. Truth set in fantasy, imagination as u called it. Thank u sire for the compliments.

    1. “read somewhere that you’re president”…LMFBAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Scope? Why I go scope man wen ladies yakata?

  9. I paused like Ayo too to digest “Children of orphans, orphans of children”.

    A very nice poem with an inspirational message. Loved the choice of words. Keep it up man.

    1. Thanks… I’ll do like u’ve said.

  10. @4ran6, at your deep trough pace, you will blow up something…not my head sha lolz

    1. Na na na… Make I stop d attitude then. I no wan go police o, lolz

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