Call me a story teller

Call me a story teller

You don’t think I am a writer? Then just call me a story-teller. Who am I? I am a story-teller.  I tell stories, I write stories. I am inspired by my environment and from within.  I can tell stories all day. So you still think I am not a writer, I am not disputing it; I won’t even go into an argument with you but be sure that I am a story teller.

You know what, I am not an editor. Another thing is that an editor is not a story-teller. But can you also say I am not a good story-teller, there you miss! Have you read the Bible and some other traditional history books? If you have, maybe you don’t have knowledge of how those books came about. They are written by men who had no knowledge of diction, grammar, verbs, nouns, tense. They were not editors, but they were great story tellers.

Story tellers have written stories read from from generation to generation. From one century to the other, the stories written by story tellers have been edited by editors. Most of these works were not originally written in English language. It has taken the work of editors to rewrite the stories into the various versions we have today. Some have even been translated into various languages. Take for instance the King James version of the bible it still remains a difficult version to read. Because it is one of the earliest versions of the bible and was written when the so-called tenses, verbs and other proper grammars were not in use. But I tell you that this version of the bible till date is still read by people all over the world, even with all the new easy to read versions.

Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, images and sounds, often by improvisation or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and in order to instill moral values. Crucial elements of stories and storytelling include plot, characters and narrative point of view. (Wikipedia).

Since people began to communicate with each other, “Tell me a story” has been a request of both children and adults. Storytelling is one person telling others of something. The story can be of a real event or it can be made up. Storytelling is often a part of our everyday conversations.

Storytelling is one of the earliest forms of folk art. Storytelling probably first consisted of simple chants that praised the dawn, expressed the joy of being alive, and were used to ease the drudgery and boredom of laborious tasks. Later the storyteller became the community entertainer by combining their stories with poetry, music, and dance. The storyteller also evolved into the group historian. This was the beginning of professional storytelling.

So I can pay an editor who is interested in rewriting my work. That’s the work of an editor I guess, to rewrite what has been written, to ensure that it is free of improper tenses and grammatical errors and maybe even translate into other languages!

You still think I am not a writer? Alright, just call me a story teller. So when next you see me just call me a story-teller, maybe someday I will become a writer.

8 thoughts on “Call me a story teller” by Me (@ackcity)

  1. I love the style you powerfully employed to bring important issue to bare while still making the reader to feel relaxed with the way you amuses from the first word of the post to the last. Well done, man…

  2. Now this I like. It’s so well written that an editor would not need to do much work on it. Kudos, Charles!

    As to the distinction between a story teller and an editor, well, I don’t want to distract from the comments on your post itself, so I’ve open a thread on the forum to talk about that >

  3. This is quite an insight…love the way you handled the discourse. We had a discussion on this, which I think Tola is referring you to… @Tola Odejayi : Chief Referee!! In summary, whatever comes out eventually is the work of the writer. A story not properly delivered in the right format would remain a work in progress. If you can’t edit, find someone…and you have said it quite well.
    Guess our words are there. Mr. Story Teller, Well done on this piece…well done.

  4. lol… Call me a storyteller too.

  5. stephen (@atchikichaka)

    really nice…but i am not comfortable with you calling a bible or any other religious book a book of stories. though i have no ‘professional’ reason why you shouldn’t it just seems odd and overstepping…lol but thats just me. the ending is tight!

  6. @stephen so what would you call it? its a book of stories…we even have a Bible called my Bible book of stories….the difference should be in the kind of stories…

  7. @ Stephen thanks for letting me know how you feel. You see, my referring to the stories in bible as stories is not because I want to belittle the bible, not at all. But believe me my brother, as power as the bible is, it was written by men, inspired by God. I know you will say its not the same kind of inspiration fiction writers get; well while u maybe correct, it still comes down to being story-telling. Its just that they are true-life stories. Thanks everyone for reading it!

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