Su'eddie Agema

Su’eddie Vershima AGEMA, lives in Abuja and Makurdi, Nigeria. He was exposed to Literature at an early age by a father who kept the tradition of the moonlight tales, complete with acting roles, local lore, and cultural songs. There was also a mother who bought the best of African literary titles, from Chinua Achebe to every famous writer of the Heinemann fame. Agema takes a special interest in the various faces of humour in life and literature. Agema also has a keen interest in African and Post-Colonial Writings and has published some research on them. His collection of poems, ‘Second Collection: Shrine Tale’ is expected to be published in the first quarter of 2011. A collection of short stories is also in the offing. He loves making friends and is open to criticism. He blogs at and has a Fanpage on Facebook.

May 032011

BRIDGE FOR BIRDS Build me a bridge for birds Flying forth In wings carrying truth The wind blessed carrier Charting the course Download article as PDF

Inductive flows in myriad voices - Book Review Dancing Naked is a collection that boasts seventy-one poems in three parts viz. Dancing Naked; Voiced Notes and Places, from different ‘poets [...]

(Dedicated to @Idoko Ojabo) Writer’s Note: This analysis will be misunderstood.   The book, Musdoki, is no longer the news and the “Aint too proud to beg” [1] e-mail has [...]

“The chicken that always rushes to pick the grains from the Master’s hands is not foolish – he simply has not heard the tale of the visitor’s meat; of Easter; Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Mar 242011

Efe stood with a hard resolve. His face hardened in determination as if he was afraid that a little freer, he would lose his decision. He looked around at his [...]

MASQUERADE SPIRITS   The beats growl on Clinging louder with the accompaniment The gusto and theatrics falter The masquerade slowly realizing Its magic lost No longer the pretence As even [...]

Mar 222011

When you see me laughing Yes, My sweet gapped teeth Nineteen, Sixty, Fifty or whatever Number showing Full toothed Grinning Yet deep throat… winning…   I must have eaten full [...]

Mar 132011

The bullet whizzed past. It was so close she felt the heat. The target car was a distance away. They flew their best towards it, and shot back blindly trying [...]

The Rights

Posted by Su'eddie Agema 33 views Poetry
Dec 162010

The rights?

You killed it in the fights

Oh! There was no fight?

Yea, You simply smashed us with your might

Dec 142010

It was a dark chilly harmatan night. Tarbo awoken from sleep by desperate demands rushed out of his house to ease himself in a nearby bush. This sort of routine [...]

Nov 092010

You accepted the ticket –

We would paddle across the waters

Charting courses across cultures

That differ us

Sticking up unified centrally

To fly the sacred four to more

Creating a continuum longer than the one

Forged of our two

Nov 072010

There is hardly a place that has people coming into it for different reasons as the house of God. The house of God for a long time has been a [...]

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