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Apr 012011


“The chicken that always rushes to pick the grains from the Master’s hands is not foolish – he simply has not heard the tale of the visitor’s meat; of Easter; Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Those who know the tale struggle out of the barn for theirs. The animals revolt and pursue: Who would be the new scapegoat… eh, scape-animal? And the wealth of the eggs?

The meat might be excused but not the eggs!


Enough is enough and so, the pecking begins but what much is the fight of the chicken when there is a convergence… when the grains slowly cut off?

Things get rough

The deaths pile up and on, support from kin reducing to the side of Animal United

Then, Father Chicken leaves…

The rising sun setting

All is lost, everyone believes

Heart letting…

Big Chicken leads all back

As Animal United seize the attack and welcomes them back…

To the slaughter of the all united United… well, more for the eggs…

Then, they struggle at the dregs…



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Sueddie Agema @sueddie

Avatar of Sueddie AgemaSu’eddie Vershima AGEMA, lives in Abuja and Makurdi, Nigeria. He was exposed to Literature at an early age by a father who kept the tradition of the moonlight tales, complete with acting roles, local lore, and cultural songs. There was also a mother who bought the best of African literary titles, from Chinua Achebe to every famous writer of the Heinemann fame. Agema takes a special interest in the various faces of humour in life and literature. Agema also has a keen interest in African and Post-Colonial Writings and has published some research on them. He loves making friends and is open to criticism. He blogs at and has a Fanpage on Facebook.

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Comments (12)
  1. for some reason I found this a bit hillarious, quite an interesting way to describe unity.

  2. Hmm…Nice concept, but the thing loss me oh!

  3. Make I no lie, this surpasse me!

  4. What do I say? @Scopeman, it seems like you are the main person feeling me. Thanks :) @ Jaywriter: THanks… @Raymond and @Lawal Opeyemi Isaac, the thing no too hard na… Na simple tale like Animal Farm…you fit think am in many areas even Biafra…All the same sha, na Unity carry the thing chiefly. It is a poetic tale that forms the intro to a section in Shrine Tale that deals with issues of unity and all.

  5. i read this and i thought Snowball, napoleon evening before i saw your Animal Farm comment.

    i am over-feeling you. you dont write drab poetry. well done

  6. @Raymond. & @Opsy…

    Bloody concept, bloody hell,
    by heavns I swear, I got lost as well,
    Shall I call dis poetry, shal I call it drama?
    I ponder, shall I ask the chiken farmer?

  7. Yeah…it was pretty self-explanatory to me…especially the united at the end.

    Guy…you’re really talented. Nice concept.

    Lol…this is doing something to someone.

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