Feb 282011

Strapped heels, lacy corsets, g-strings, nude bras and perfumed bodies, all part of what was going to be the embodiment of the clubs tonight. Tara looked at her face in [...]

Feb 172011

A Letter You Might Never Read. I secretly wish you were here, so that i could beat you up when am frustrated. Not in an evil sadistic way, more in [...]

Jun 122010

You wake up, another day… another hustle. You are going to see them, You are going to see him. You are going to bustle and its going to hurt. They [...]

Jun 102010

Chapter 2 – May 31, 2010 Chapter 1 is titled Confusion - you can read it here on the site. Click… _____________ Tara hated sleeping. It was the way her [...]

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