A Second Chance

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Feb 282011

Zainat laid stomach-down on her bed, watching a pornographic movie. It was about 11 a.m. that weekday. She had lectures that morning, but she did not feel that was as important as the meeting she had that evening. Her countenance depicted full concentration on what she was doing. On her left hand was a cigarette, which she intermittently refreshed on an ashtray beside her, while she had a pen in her right hand to take down notes from the movie she was watching. She was engrossed with what she was doing that she did not hear the door of her room open as well as the entrance of Omoro, her younger sister.

“Are you feeling better today?” Omoro asked to announce her presence.

Zainat looked up at her, a little startled, then she paused the movie. She ignored the look of disgust on Omoro’s face in reaction to the cigarette smoke -laden room.

“Today, I will be having my comeback which the medications denied me for so long,’ she replied her younger sister. “I am surely feeling better,” she added with a wink.

She had been on medication for an STD. The medicines left her nauseous and vomiting most times. She had been indoors for 8 days.

“Oh, congrats!” Omoro said excitedly, “I was really worried about you. I was really touched each time you had to rush to the bathroom to..you know…” and she feigned a disgusted look. “Seriously, if any of your clients had seen you these few days, your value would have dropped,” she added the latter statement with a laugh.

“Ok ok…thanks, I appreciate the worry part,” Zainat said trying hard not to laugh at her sister’s joke. She stood up from her bed. “I need you to look at me and tell me if I am anything like the Zainat that was rushing to the bathroom.” She did a catwalk from one corner of her bedroom to the other. “I’m brand new and back with a vengeance,” this she said hilariously to humor her sister. Omoro laughed.

“So, what’s this you’re seriously studying? Any exams?” Omoro asked.

“Well, new season, new tactics,” Zainat replied as she picked up the remote control to resume the movie. “Watch this part,” she urged her younger sister as she played the movie. “Omo, we are in a profession where all we have to offer is our bodies. Every female out there has what we have. Some finer, some more ugly, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So we have to differentiate ourselves…”


“Continuous improvement and self development..”

“Those sound heavy,” Omoro remarked as slowly sat down on the bed.

” Ask yourself ‘is there anything I can do that would make me different from another, not just different but better?’ I have asked myself that question and being indoors has really got me thinking. So I plan to read books, watch movies, browse the internet, ask questions both from my clients and competitors, and I am now ready to try something new. We need to research if we must remain in this business oh,” she told her sister as she pointed to the scene in the movie.

“I can see that now,” Omoro replied quietly.

Zainat paused the movie again.

“So my dearest, I do not stand on the road looking for clients or go to clubs hungry for men like you do, because my story has travelled far. And I do not want to be beaten out of the market. In order to stay at the top, I have to study and research as much as I can!”

“For me, I think it is your beauty that makes those big men look for you,” Omoro said with a look in her eyes that revealed she wished she was as beautiful as Zainat. “And again, you know how to take care of your self – your skin, the way you dress, smell… anyone, male or female, would easily be attracted to you.”

“Whatever!” Zainat said dismissively. “My simple advice is be good at whatever you have to do.”

“I will,” Omoro replied. Then she gave her elder sister a piteous look. “Are you strong enough to drive?”

“Of course!” Zainat exclaimed. “I would be driving this night to see my client!” Then she looked closely at her sister and noted the fright in her eyes. “Is there any problem?”

Omoro hesitated for a moment. “I am 6 weeks pregnant. I need your advice and your help…”


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  19 Responses to “A Second Chance”

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  1. Oh sheet. lol Forgive me, I still speak halting French.
    So, the title works for who? Zainat or Omoro? Or Omoro’s pregnancy might help Zainat reconsider her lifestyle? Nice story but I’m not sure it had a point that was evident to me.

  2. LOL Abby…your french speaking is forgiven :-)
    Title is for Zainat…yes, Omoro’s experience(s) will help Zainat reconsider her lifestyle…It is an excerpt of a chapter of a novel so I’m not sure you would get so much out of it…

    • Well well, didn’t expect a reply this soon. Thought you are one of those who have absconded the site. Why not post the rest? My grouse is majorly with the fact that both sisters evidently ply the same trade. Hence my hesitation to believe that the junior sis’ pregnancy might help change the elder sis. Do you see my point?

  3. Abby, am very guilty of absconding…i managed to steal a break today and for once I am taking out time to visit our lovely naija stories site…I see your point clearly. I should make out time to post the rest of the story though it’s quite huge. Probably with your feedback (and those of others) the story could be modified…good to have another eye (and point of view), thanks.

  4. Na wa o!! Zainat is truly a professional..lol.. When do we get the next installment??

  5. Lol @ Mercy’s comment. And reading the rest of the story will definitely help us appreciate it more. Good work. I enjoyed it.

  6. I guess it’s not only legit business people who upgrade their skills and knowledge eh?
    @Nwa-chi…I wish there would be another installment oh! from the date its obvious its taking forever to get the next one up…

  7. i’m with @abby all the way to the bone…

  8. @xikay, watch your word oh. Just realized that there lotta good stuff way back then. Really love this oh. The way the two sisters relate. Would’ve loved to have read more but guess with the time, you might’ve even published the novel already. @admin - continue opening the vault or archives from time to time. Lotta things me missed or me’s missing keep coming up.

  9. @raymond, i dont get u o!

  10. @ Nwa-Chi ,you really got me hooked here with the story, hope you publish the other parts soon. well done.

  11. knock me!!!!

  12. Short and splendid. What a professional indeed. Easy to read to.

  13. I think that if one is going to post an excerpt from a book, it is better to start from one point to another point that could pass as whole with a complete message, hm.

  14. nice story and well written too but where’s the rest of it?

  15. Yeah where’s the rest of it? Eye opening- research ke?

  16. I had the same reaction as @abby. But mine was more like DANG! It’s very suspenseful…like dragging us slowly by the rope, and then BOOM, we’re in a PIT.

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