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Tales Of Lakin - 2

For the previous Tale of lakin, kindly click here Chikere Chikere rolled the stone closer to the fire and sat on it. Bending over, she began to blow the heat trying to ignore the fumes burning into her eyes. If she didn’t know any better, she would have sworn that her ancestors didn’t want her … Continue reading Tales Of Lakin - 2

Craving Hope

Craving Hope (XV) Final Episode

The door to the private visiting room opened, and the woman strode through it sluggishly, stopping short at the table where the lady sat head down. “What are you doing here?” A surprised Regina queried as she looked up and saw the woman staring down at her. Rage swirled through her at the sight of … Continue reading Craving Hope (XV) Final Episode

Craving Hope

Craving Hope (XIV)

Weeks passed with agonizing slowness, during which Gabrielle and her children flew to the US to recuperate through therapy and a change of environment. Ifeoma seemed resentful, Ekene was confused, and Gabrielle was exhausted. Ifeoma resented Gabrielle for how quickly she ran into the arms of another man days after her husband’s death. The therapist … Continue reading Craving Hope (XIV)

Craving Hope

Craving Hope (XII)

Ike tuned to Channels, increased the volume on the television set, and held Gabrielle close; her attention focused on the small screen. “I’ve called you here tonight to announce some late-breaking developments in the George Rosenfeld murder case,” The Prosecuting Attorney, Amobi, who was surrounded by a gaggle of reporters, began sombrely. “Due to the … Continue reading Craving Hope (XII)

Craving Hope

Craving Hope (XI)

“Miss Gina?” Gabrielle said, puzzled, but Ike was ahead of her. “You remember this lady?” Ike asked the Chinese woman sharply, silencing Gabrielle with a gesture. She nodded. “Yes, Miss Gina, she is live upstairs.” Her English was still a lot shaken up. She narrowed her eyes at Gabrielle, and beamed a smile. “You now … Continue reading Craving Hope (XI)

Craving Hope

Craving Hope (VIII)

Gabrielle heard about Ike’s leave of absence from her new lawyer, Obiekwe. He had told her that Ike took a leave of absence because he didn’t want to work on the case anymore. “Why?” she asked. “I have no further information.” Obiekwe said. “He’ll still be called to testify against me in court?” “Most certainly. … Continue reading Craving Hope (VIII)